A Mother’s Day Manifesto For the Motherless Child

20150709_083528 mom day

Good Morning, women of courage! It’s such a beautiful rain day:) Mother’s Day is Sunday and I wanted to encourage the love and appreciation we have for our mothers in a special tribute that speaks to all… especially to the motherless. Do you like my photo? I caption it “Evergreen“, in honor of our mothers~

A Mother’s Day Manifesto For the Motherless Child

May 8th is Mother’s Day, a special day for sons and daughters to celebrate and honor their loving moms. It is befitting that our selfless and loving moms get a day off to be pampered and shown just how much their children care for and need them in their ever-changing and busy lives. It’s a beautiful day set aside for worship, gratitude and making lasting memories with mom.

My mom passed in 2001, on the same month as her birthday. When that month comes around, I’m honoring her birth and remembering her passing. It’s hard-pressed for motherless children, of any age, to have a happy day on any given day, in the absence of moms, but it’s especially trying during birthdays and holidays. I’m far from being the only motherless child who will be missing their mom on Mother’s Day. So, today, I’m sharing the special way I’m remembering my mom. You can remember and honor your mother by creating your own mom manifesto in a beautiful tribute that keeps your memories of her evergreen.

I’ve decided to pen a Mother’s Day Manifesto that honors the memory and legacy of my mother. What I remember most about her, based upon her teachings, beliefs and actions, I continue to incorporate into my on life, in some aspect of my living.  My mom’s living life values system might appear a bit outdated in these times, but what she demonstrated to my sibling and me, in some ways, helped shape the people we are today. I  hope that while you maneuver life as a motherless child, that by deciding to create your mom’s manifesto, either alone or with loved ones, you will feel better equipped to show up and be present in the lives of your family, friends and loved ones when celebrating Mother’s Day and every day that you live and breathe life.

What I learned from mama:

Love and sacrifice for family

Show compassion for the less fortunate

Do the work and don’t complain

Protect the children

Quietly showed me the immeasurable strength that women can muster when times are hard

It’s okay to laugh, cry and pray

Extend your hand in friendship when introduced to a stranger

Honor the land and the provisions it provides

Respect your elder wisdoms

Faith as small as a mustard seed will sustain through trials and tribulations

Grief comes and grief passes in its own time

Appreciate the beauty and the power that is Mother Nature combined

Be kind.

I’d like to think that by teaching me independence, my mother taught me to make my own path and to guard my mouth, so as not to bring unintended harm to others…

Creative Suggestions for the Motherless on Making a Mother’s Day Manifesto:

Not everyone is a writer, but everyone can write. Not many of us are carpenters, but, we know the basics of using a hammer and nail. Having cleared the way for doubt in whether you can create this loving project for your mother, here are a few suggestions you might want to consider when creating your special Mother’s Day Manifesto:

Get in your feelings and pen a special poem from your heart. Make copies and send to friends and family or have it framed for mounting on your wall where all can see.

Create a montage of your mom as pictures in action, where she’s posing, playing or being present in quiet moments.

Write those special mom quotes that keep ringing in your ears!

Share your mom’s favorite foods, movies or books.

Share handwritten letters exchanged between you and mom before internet and emails and publish them as memoir or keepsake to share with loved ones. I basically penned a letter every two weeks to my mom before the surge of emails and internet. By 1999, I’d slacked off from writing mom every two weeks and she wasn’t pleased about it. I remember when she didn’t get a letter, she would write back to ask me why. I hadn’t the heart to say, “Mama, that’s why we have the telephone.”:)

How about immortalizing those gardening tips, dating and relationship advice or favorite foods your mom was adamant about?

It’s your manifesto, your tribute that’s composed of loving moments from memories spent with your mom.

Write it

create it

Print it

Frame it and hang it in full view of your coming and goings, as a beautiful reminder of a reciprocal love between mother and child.

However you choose to honor your mother in your Mother’s Day Manifesto, I guarantee you; it will make your memories of her so much easier on those birthdays and special mom days, where you’re missing her physical presence…

Happy Mother’s Day…All!




It’s Okay To Mourn

20160401_185754Good Morning, women of purpose!…Immersing myself in the healing powers of Mother Nature always lead me through the mourning process.

I captured the blue skies in this picture at the turn of an early spring morning. I captioned it Nature Heals. I ‘m in no way a photographer, just a nature lover:) This picture helps me focus on the beauty among the ashes.

It’s okay to mourn. There is healing in your mourning. There is recovery in your grief” CF

You don’t have to know someone personally to mourn their passing. Compassion and empathy for another human being are ethereal qualities that come with being human and being a part of this wide spectrum called ‘humanity.’ With the passing of Prince Rogers Nelson on Thursday, I became part of the world who grieved his transition. I, like all of you, felt an overwhelming and consistent sorrow. I felt a void beyond tears and the grief held me captive, to the point that I pushed back the expected post at Clara’s writer’s blog.

The timing wasn’t right and I felt an odd sense of allegiance to the memory of Prince. I also didn’t want to be that callous person who would not take time out to pen condolences to the fallen musician, who had become a household name in the industry of music… and to his fans. Also, I didn’t want to short change my expert and special guest at the blog for that day, by mindlessly posting our beautiful interview.

On the days that belonged to the memory of Prince, I didn’t answer the phone or engage in conversation. I watched many newscasts and testimonials about his life, until I couldn’t bear to watch any longer. While the world went purple in respect and honor of the man, his music, his penchant for fashion and his overall genius, self taught and could play 27 instruments by the age of 12, my thoughts turned to all the other musical visionaries whose passing still leaves a void.

When Michael Jackson died, I was asked to pen a tribute by the editor of The Chicago Bulletin Newspaper. I was reluctant to do so because Michael’s death caused the darkness that was my grief to rain down to such an extent that my voice was mute and “I had no words.” In my tribute to MJ’s memory, I began by writing~ “I have no words.”

The unexpected loss of Whitney Houston caused the editor of a London magazine to add a footnote to an article I’d penned about Whitney, likening her comeback from a troubled drug addicted path to the rise of the phoenix.  The world was pulling for Whitney and later, for the survival of Whitney’s grieving and troubled young daughter, Bobbie Christina.

Musical visionaries like Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, David Bowie and countless others; all gone too soon. The world will mourn their passing and keep their memories alive via their music, telling their stories and recounting fond accounts of~ “remembering the times.”

There are unknowable things that occur in the world that we have no control over. And when someone dies or suffer horrible and irreparable physical damage, we feel deeply. We are spiritual being living a human existence and so, every time a person dies, be it family, friends or celebrity, we are forced to come face to face with our own mortality. And so, with the death of one of my favorite musical entertainers, standing right alongside Michael Jackson, the “King Of Pop,” I join all who mourn; “Gone too soon.”

Prince’s passion, dedication and love for the music teaches me to stay my course and not be swayed by other folks opinion in the creation of my art. Prince Roger Nelson didn’t try to be anything, to anybody, but himself.  This was a man who remained true to his creativity that fueled his outstanding body of musical works. The man loved his music, loved penning songs for himself and for others; all while living life on his own terms.


Always treat yourself special and live your life doing and being the one and only you!


Do You Know Your Why?


Good Morning, women of faith and beauty! I hope you’ve been enjoying your spring, as much as I have. This photo is the view outside my window when I wake up in the mornings. Imagine what the trees look like blanketed by snow or shaken by gigantic winds. I have captured a few of those photos with my cellphone to share with my growing audience. Keep in mind, I’m no photographer, just a nature lover. I’m so happy to be in such close proximity to the awesomeness of Mother Nature again. This beautiful space allows for the tranquil moments I seek during unsettling times when a world is fraught with chaos and troubles. In this place, I find an inner peace, strength and resilience. I can relax, rejuvenate and create every morning, noon and night.

On this beautiful Monday morning, I have a song on my lips and gratitude in my heart and I’m thankful and humbled by how far I’ve come as I accept and embrace the ‘Why’ of my existence. My parents used to joke that I came into the world, “screaming & hollering”, in fact, my sibling used to think that description of my birth was hilarious! Little did we know that I would come into the world, “Protesting”. We’re taught at an early age that Jesus came to save souls. At the age of eleven, I knew that I was somehow born to serve those who walked unaware; those who remain silent in the uprisings; those who take life as it comes and doesn’t want to challenge the world’s apple cart of injustice, human beings civil rights, women rights, internet trolls, racist and haters. I believe in my why.

For the last 5 decades, I’ve made it’s been my mission to empower the voice of women, children and the elderly. These are the voices, I feel, that have gone unheard for too long. Little children of abuse and neglect depend upon adult authority figures for their protection, and often are told to speak when spoken to, if at all. Many women guard their tongues and are afraid to speak their truths, for fear of backlash or personal consequence. The wisdom of our elderly, oftentimes goes unrecognized, ignored and taken for granted. My goal is to keep these “underdogs” in the forefront of change.

Do you know the reason for your existing? Do you know your why? Don’t stress if you haven’t awakened to your truths. Trust and believe, purpose will reveal itself during the time of your “Becoming.”

A bit of news on Unleash Your Pearls~ Empowering Women Voices. Unfortunately, I haven’t been given a release date as of yet, but the good news from my publisher is that I will have the book’s cover to share with all of you very soon!


“This book was written for all of the “underdogs”, who, for whatever reason are not allowed the opportunity to speak from a place of authentic truth. It is for women, who don’t know that their voices matter. This book champions all women to unleash your pearls.”

Unleash Your Pearls~Empowering Women Voices: Pending release date




Springtime Messages To Alienate Distractors and Keep You Focused And Inspired


Happy Spring, women of valor!

Have you every gotten carried away with a project and you look up and it’s “getting late over in the evening and the sun is going down?”  Well, this is what happened on Monday and I was so tired that I just took my body burdens to bed…

A few months ago, I shared how an internet troll tried to engage me in heated conversation by calling me demeaning names and attempting to attack my character. My initial reaction was shock, of course, being that I’m such a fair-minded individual. And when I tried to speak on the matter in question with a sound opinion, the hater, stuck to his hater induced rants. I’m sure he didn’t expect “Crickets”, but that’s exactly the end result he deserved~ absolute silence! When you know who you are, whose you are and why you are, “ain’t nobody got time for that.”:)

Today, I want to share a few springtime messages to alienate distractors and keep you focused and inspired on your purpose journey:

  1. Wake up smiling and keep a positive mindset
  2.  Have a grateful heart
  3. Shine a spotlight on the accomplishment of others
  4. Be kind to strangers
  5. Think before you speak~ in essence, don’t feed the trolls. Instead, let them hear “Crickets.” Trust and believe these folks need your voice to make them relevant!
  6. Have compassion and empathy for others
  7. Don’t be a validation seeker~your greatness will shine irregardless of what others in the world might think of you.
  8. Say no to what doesn’t feel right and yes to what does. Use your intuitive gifts
  9.  Continue to be a woman of faith and trust and believe with your true heart that your needs will be met
  10. Strive to live right and turn a negative into a positive.
  11. When you achieve something great, rejoice in your accomplishment, but don’t go getting the big head. Stay humbled by your blessing.
  12. Words are like bullets. They can hurt, cripple a dream and cause injury to another. Use your words wisely.
  13. Keep your eyes on the prize…

Sometimes we need to let go of the grind. I’ll be taking a Spring break with the kiddies after this week. Thanks to all of you for Authentic Woman’s ever-growing support base. I’m always happy to be of service.

Always treat yourself special.


6 Self-Affirming Practices To Keep You Motivated On Your Purpose Path

stock-photo-affirm-word-on-wood-blocks-concept-383382646Happy Monday, Assertive Women!  Today, I affirm that I’m an imperfect being and that trying to chase perfection isn’t a good look on me. I’m a woman who want to do good and meaningful works in my service to others and I want to make a sustainable living doing what I feel called to do. Sometimes, I get tired, frustrated and inpatient with where I am in the process of making progress.

When I’m in that space where my whole body aches, my mind gets muddled and fatigue sets in, I stop the madness and turn to a few simple techniques that helps lessen the stress, alleviate the anxiety and get me back on the human track of being productive. Here are six life affirming practices I use for a bit of rejuvenation and self-healing when I find myself in a “Funk”. Or, you can just eat an apple a day:)

Six Self-Affirming Practices to Keep You motivated On Your Purpose Path:
1. Prayer. I wrote a poem many years ago that a popular author still keeps on her popular website. It begins with, “I had a talk with God last night.” Anytime of the day, evening or night, from dusk to dawn, if that’s your thing, have a conversation with God. The point is to honor and recognize the existence of a higher power that reigns so much greater than ourselves, be it your God, your Jehovah, your Allah or your Saint; speaking into existence this amazing grace, this all-knowing imminence greater than ourselves can provide you the comfort and self-healing you seek.
2. Meditation~ for me it’s that quiet space where I go from time to time to know my better self and to touch bases with the divine. It is where I find clarity in my search for solitude. The act of silence keeps me grounded and reminds me of my reason for being. Meditation is not a religion. The solitude found in meditation is not comparative to any sort of religious practice, although one can get spiritually centered, in addition to becoming more physically, emotionally and mentally grounded.

Meditation can serve as a time out from a state of busyness as it allows you to take that much-needed “me” time to let go of stress and anxiety and to facilitate self-healing.
3. Sow seeds of help, kindness and compassion to others. I find that when I reach out to help others, my own troubles become less about me and more about those in need. Sowing seeds of kindness doesn’t have to be a big grandiose thing. When you encounter someone in need, just reach out.
4. Feed your faith with daily uplifting passages of inspiration. For me, that would be~ Bible passages, reading and listening to spiritual teachings and speaking and feeding my mind with self affirming and positive affirmations.
5. Immerse yourself in the awesomeness of Mother Nature. Thomas Moore, psychotherapists, spiritual advisor and author of A Religion Of Ones’ Own and Care Of The Soul, tells us to look up at the sky in wonder at the beauty of Mother Nature at work. If you’ve been following my work, you see that I’m always sharing on the wonder and beauty of being in the presence of Mother Nature. I think that people raised in the country have a different perspective and reverence for Mother Nature and all of its mysteries. I know for myself that when I’m in the presence of mother nature… I’m humbled and healed in every aspect of my human existence.

ADDENDUM:  I love the beauty of Mother Nature, but spiders and snakes are always given a wide berth:)

6. Being in the company of children. Children are the “underdogs” because they have no control over who gets to parent and protect them. Children cannot speak for themselves. And if I could, I’d ensure the happiness of every child; that they are never hungry, well cared for and loved. I’d make sure little children didn’t suffer needlessly. I’d be their advocate to serve and protect them from all man-made harm. Being in the company of children motivates me to become the best me I can be on the path to wholeness and authenticity.

stock-photo-inspirational-motivating-quotation-214314634 Okay, in lieu of taking a vacation of no return to reclaim your life, you’d be wise to incorporate a few of these life-affirming tips into your ADL (activities of daily living) and get your “every-ready” spark back.

Where are you on your purpose journey?

How do you keep your passions aflame?


Why You Should Fail Yourself Forward

thANOTHERGood morning women of endurance!  This morning, I woke up to birds chirping outside my window. I feel so inspired and thankful that I didn’t give up on my dream and aspirations back when it could have been an easy choice to make. I feel blessed in my season where I get to chat and connect with so many warrior women on their journey to authentic living. I wanted to encourage the strength in all of you during those trying times when you’re feeling like giving up or think that you are not enough.

I’m sure many people have failed at one thing or another in the course of living life experiences, but you have to stand in faith and know you’re not alone.

How do you handle your fail? Do you give up and refuse to try again or do you assess the fail and come at it from another direction? Over the years, I’ve failed at a few things and was pulled toward that space of negativity that didn’t require anything of me. You might be acquainted with that space where you languish your days away, shielding yourself against all of life’s vibrancy moving without you.

If you’ve been there, you have to know that you don’t have to stay there! You have the choice to keep going and keep doing, while maintaining a positive mindset. Early on in my career, I would learn a life-altering lesson from one such setback in my life (there have been many since) where I decided to give up and just stay in bed, watch soap operas and eat donuts. Forget about trying to make myself better. That ole “pity party” mentality became my go-to comfort food that kept me dwelling on the negative.

Thankfully, after a few days,  it struck me that I wasn’t about that “woe is me” life:) I’m sure the good lord had a hand in that because everyday I lay in bed, I’d hear all of that beautiful noise of life ‘vibrancy’ happening outside my solemn walls, bringing me to the truism that life goes on. Did I want to be a participant in life or did I want to be a none factor? I chose to get up and keep going…

Trust and believe,  because you are a “spiritual” being living a “human” existence on this earth plane, you are going to have good days of productive living and you’re going to have days where one thing after another might not go your way. You might opt out of life by becoming a quitter because you’re down and feeling bad for yourself. Just know the world outside is happily going about its business and people are still doing the thing!


Stop crying over split milk.That regret has come and gone. You have new dragons to slay. There are going to be better days and greater seasons where you reap the rewards of your labor and service. Only you can make the choice to view your setbacks and challenges as an end to your ambitions and aspirations or as a breakthrough, leading to something greater; so beyond the scope of your understanding!

“If you feel hopeless, you will live hopeless”~CF

Have a success “thought”day and always treat yourself special.


Stress Relief Tips For The Stay At Home Mom

Happy Leap Year, women of Substance! The news report this morning informed viewers that women are allowed to propose to their significant others every 4 years on Leap Year because men are probably suffering from something called “Cold” feet? Hilarious right!?


So, this morning, I wake up to chase the two year old around as she turns her nose up at oatmeal for breakfast, asks for cookies and decides to pour her cup of orange juice on the couch. I’m hardly prepared for this battle I could very well lose because of the war going on with ole Uncle Arthur (arthritis) who came for a visit on Sunday and refuses to leave!  Between hearing “leave me lones”, that’s “leave me alone, gram-gram in laymen terms)  and the stiffness threatening a takeover, I retreat to a safe distance from the child to sneak in this post, appropriately titled Stress Relief Tips for The Stay at Home Mom or in my case, Caregiver.

If you’re having a moment and you can’t ignore stress away, you have to invent creative ways to lessen the pain of it all. In acting as caregiver for my great granddaughter today, I can totally relate to the struggle of the stressed out stay at home mom. Whoever thinks that stay at home moms are having an easy go of it, compared to moms working a gig outside the home, think again. Working moms and stay at home moms work their butts off, in both scenarios.The solution to combating stress for the stay at home mom can be foggy when there are two and four year olds involved. Outside of the need for constant supervision, here are a few of my tested and approved stress relief tips for the stay at home mom.6881299-crying-baby-girl-crying-small-child

  1. Get out of bed an hour or two earlier than they do. You can get a lot done in a short amount of time; load the dishwasher,wash a few loads of clothes, vacuum a bit, write that blog post, prep their breakfast, check your emails, have a hot coffee or tea. And, if you’re a Boomer, make sure you’ve taken your prescribed pain meds the night before. It won’t hurt to pop a one -a- day in the morning either.
  2. Prepare a fun time for scheduled  baths. The two year old loves her yellow ducky and I make darn sure she gets that bird and more colorful toys from the rubber duckies family. Brushing teeth can be troublesome when they’re two but count to ten and try to get them to open their mouths again and if that doesn’t work, turn over the dang toothbrush and sing in demonstration how it’s done. You might want to make a dental appointment just for backup. So far, no cavities on this end.
  3. Speaking of cavities? When they take your hand to guide you to the kitchen for cookie or chips? Turn their attention to yogurt & fruits, instead and then, hide the cookies.
  4. At two and four, they are usually way smarter than a 5th grader. Just ask them how you might serve them and by all means if they say, “Mickey Mouse” or name a Disney channel, make yourself comfortable and prepare to settle in for the long haul.
  5. When those little eyes get droopy and nap-time rolls around, help the process along with soft songs your mama sang to you and read their favorite animal book with the  quack-quack, oink- oink and moo-moo sounds. Gently massage their backs with loving hands and soon they’re asleep.After you pick up the mess in the living room, send a text of her/him sleeping soundly in your bed to their working mom, kick off your house-shoes and get in there. Trust and believe, those extra Zzz’s can work wonders.

If you’re a heavy sleeper, don’t attempt that last call to action to relieve stress. I am a light sleeper, with eyes positioned in the back of my head, so for me it’s all good:)

Finally, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a stay at home mom, stand in mom, working outside the home mom, or grandma caregiver, the most important thing to remember when you’re feeling stressed is, don’t sweat the small stuff…be prepared to live it, do it and keep doing it in creative ways that works.

Always love yourself and treat your loved ones special!

Okay stay at home moms, have a go at how you prepare to relieve your ‘childcare’ stress.