“From The Experts” Special Guest: Pastor and Author Carl Mathis

Good Morning Women of Purpose! I am so happy to bring ‘from the experts’ back for you all today with a wonderful message of inspiration from Carl Mathis: Motivation speaker: Author of “Pursuing Your Purpose – How To Discover God’s Revelation For Your Life


Finding God’s Will In This World

In the midst of today’s busy world where everyone, especially the generation of millennials now finding their way around this world, it can be quite difficult to figure out God’s will. What can one do in line with what God wants to do? This can be a very difficult question to answer-pursuing your purpose that is, hopefully, in sync with God’s purpose for you.
Some thoughts on God’s will and purpose
Finding God’s will entails a certain uncertainty. One can never be totally sure that one is following God’s will-but there can certainly be signs that one is on the right track. Signs can be seen when you reflect, through prayer, on your decisions. God nudges you in the right direction, helping you to discern which path to take. How can one know if it is a sign from God or not? Just like any good relationship, where on person knows the other person well, so it is with God: if you nurture your relationship with Him and are familiar with his voice and presence in your life, it will make it a lot easier for you to know when it is Him leading you or when it is simply other voices telling you where to go.
Reading Scripture also helps a person understand how God works in people’s lives. While the stories there may seem old, outdated, or almost in the realm of the seemingly impossible, they still hold some insight as to how God intercedes and interacts with certain individuals.
Partnering with or accompanying others who are also trying to find God’s will in their lives will also help. As in any endeavor, support from friends and family will always help you persevere and reach your goal rather than if you were doing it alone without any help. A community that will also help you reflect on and understand what has been happening in your life will ultimately also help you find God’s will more in your everyday, as we can sometimes have a “blind spot” or have a tendency to get stuck-other people now come in and offer a fresh perspective and new ways of looking at what’s been happening in your life.
Lastly, a sign that you are following God’s will is a certain peace that comes with your decision, as if God were confirming your decision by gifting you the feeling of peace from the Holy Spirit.
These are just some ways of trying to find God’s will in your life. It is definitely not easy, nor always certain, nor glamorous. Some are called by God to places that are way beyond their comfort zone. However, take heart that this God does not call only those who are seemingly qualified or fit for what he wants, it is he who equips and strengthens those he calls-as long as we are ready to respond and say “Here I am”
Know as well that there is something greater at work in your life, and that nursing this relationship with God will allow you to be more attuned to what is happening and where you are being called. Christians believe that this world was not made by a random God, but rather by a gracious loving God for all of creation, and so we can see this God reflected therein and get to know him more through this world.
Finding your purpose in life brings a sense of meaning as well: you do things not simply because you want to, but because ultimately, you are working for something bigger, sometimes even bigger than yourself, your ambitions, and your goals. It keeps you waking up and going each morning, and when the going gets tough, a gentle reminder is sometimes all it takes to remind you of why you are doing something, despite its difficulty and stress. At the end of the day, it is all worth it.


p.txtAbout the Author
Carl Mathis, a preacher, (Holy Ghost Tabernacle Church in Cutler Bay FL) and an author, with the gift of influencing and deeply touching the hearts and souls of those who need to hear spiritual truth in practical terms. Mathis now imparts a profound message for all who desire to be spiritually fortified and remain goal–oriented. In this little guide to an abundant work, home, and spiritual life, he instructs that the sum of your life is in the choices that you make. If you choose wisely, your life will be rich and rewarding. If you choose with a plan in your head and God in your heart, you will never lose. Carl Mathis doesn’t want you to settle for less than you are capable of or less than what God wants for you. Mathis teaches ageless biblical principles that God reveals the keys to personal success each and every moment of every day. He doesn’t make excuses for his struggles—he uses them as stepping-stones to get to higher levels in his God-ordained destiny. Carl Mathis doesn’t know what it means to give up. Overcoming the obstacles of losing a spouse, having to raise three successful boys on his own and manage to write several books, he never managed to find the time to make excuses. Through his triumph over personal troubles, he strives to not only inspire and uplift, but to encourage people worldwide to find their purpose and begin walking in it. For booking info or to find out more about Carl Mathis, visit www.carlmathisbooks.com or email info@carlmathisbooks.com.

Carl’s social media sites:

Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/carlmathis
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Youtube  http://www.youtube.com/mrcarlmathis
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Don’t y’all feel the fire?! I will be away during the holiday of giving thanks and will see all of you in December. Peace~ Blessings~ and Abundance. Remember to always treat yourselves special.
Thanks Carl!

When You Are Troubled~

This morning I pray for healing of the mind, body and soul.


Happy Autumn to all of you!  So, I’m editing some of my short stories (prior rejections) working with my book coach, acting as caregiver for my great-granddaughter and coping with those annoying aches and pain from arthritis, but I’m here to tell y’all; I’m no ways tired! In fact, I woke up this morning feeling energized, willing and able to step into my divine purpose. I wanted to share a story about never giving up, even during your darkest days, when you’re faced with haters, crisis, crippling setbacks, doubts and feelings of discouragement. Don’t ever stop praying. Don’t ever stop moving.
I’ve learned from experience, no matter how down you get or how unfair life seem in the moments of your unrest~ you’re never alone. Be encouraged by this most high comfort and always summon the courage to stay positive. Yes, it seems impossible to stay upbeat when you’re in the midst of your troubles, but when you stay focused on your goals and stop with the limiting pity party for one, in due time you will look back and wonder…The thing I know for sure when I’m going through trouble is that miracles happen and nobody do you like Jesus!

When you don’t give in to the negative energy threatening to bring you down, remember who got the wheel. You don’t walk alone. No matter how broken down or beaten up you’re feeling; no matter that it seems like folks could give less than a donkey’s rear for what you’re working to create; Don’t give up!
Authentic Woman has been a presence on the  informational highway championing women voices for more than seven years. I serve from a place of abundance and my cup is always half full.

My passions took hold of me so many years before I had the courage to step up and out of my fear based comfort zone, to claim and share my soul purpose to the world. There were times when my ‘sowing seeds’ of women empowerment seemed to bear little fruit, but spirit said to ‘keep on going.’ My intuitive heart said “No, you’re not a coward.”
I’m currently working with a publisher on my new self-help book, targeting women who are champions and who might not know the value of their purpose calling. The very fact that I am here is a miracle in itself and I feel blessed to be a blessing. I want you to know my story, as you prepare for your journey to awareness. I share just how far I’ve come to seeing my dreams to fruition and how many time I’ve fallen but gotten back up.

You must have courage when  people in your life that you thought had your back, might not be as supportive, once your soul purpose is at work in your life. The people who truly want you to succeed, will be there through the thick and thin of it.
I’m so grateful to have authentic people in my life at such a pivotal time in my life. People who help keep me focused and accountable for my actions. My purpose is to inspire hope and vision in the world that will ensure a positive change in the world of women. I want to encourage and inspire the authentic voice in women that can make life better for themselves and for others.

thpresThere are trolls out here in social media you don’t even know who will try to silence your voice by use of derogatory intimidation and hate filled rhetoric. Stay in faith and guard your mouth. These folks want you to share in their misery as they only serve to show their true character to the world. Don’t allow negative people to intimidate your messages and limit your God-given gifts. Women of passion and purpose, you can’t be no ways tired. Reclaim your courage. Take back your power and continue to reference the authentic champion that you are!
When you are troubled by something beyond your control, pray for healing. Love yourself from the inside out; treat others the way you want to be treated, be diligent in sharing your truths.

Always treat yourself special.

Sowing Seeds of Comfort and Kindness

thtouchHappy Monday Visionaries! Can y’all believe it’s already November? My how time flies.  Let’s talk about a demographic of folks that are near and dear to my heart~ the elders and all the folks living with debilitating diseases in hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers across the nation who are not able to come home for the holidays or any day soon going forward.

Many of us are going to be getting busy preparing for the fast approaching holidays in anticipation of an onslaught of good friends, family, foods, drinks and an overindulgence regret or two, the morning after:)  But, in all of our merriment, let’s not forget the importance of sharing, caring and taking time out to visit with the sick and shut-end; people in hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters and senior facilities, who either can’t get a pass to go home for the holidays with family or who don’t have a home to go home to.

thwomenSowing Seeds of Comfort and Kindness

The one thing that I’m taking away from my longstanding nursing career is the belief that my compassion and companionship to the elderly helped aid in their healing, comfort and periods of lucid awareness. Dementia and Alzheimer’s wrecked havoc on the many patients under my nursing care during the last nine years of my career, but a gentle touch and welcoming smile always seemed to lift the cloud of foggy brain matter to bring some semblance of clarity to their reality.

I’m not trying to take away the value of physician prescribed treatment-regimen via/medications/ therapies and so forth that are main components in restoring healing and a degree of functioning ability to patients with brain abnormalities and other illnesses, but as a participant in areas of patient care and treatment, I know that a natural healing comes about through those simple acts of kindness that so many of us take for granted. As the holidays are fast approaching, people are gearing up to visit hospitals, senior care facilities and nursing homes and that makes for a great time to be had by all, patient and visitor alike. These seasonal visitations, particularly tend to turn the flicker of an elder’s life into a flame of gratitude and joy.

thlivedThe value of these regular and holiday impromptu visits from friends, family and caring strangers in relation to the healthy benefits that inspire cognitive periods of alertness and responsiveness on the mind and hearts of seemingly ‘forgotten’ folks cannot be stressed enough. If you want to sow seeds of kindness, caring and comfort this season and the new year ahead, go ahead and visit these institutions. Bring gifts if you’d like, but the gift of your presence is immeasurable.

Tip on Elder Gift Giving:

The season for holiday greetings and ushering in good cheer and joyful tidings are upon us. What a treat for the sick and elderly in hospitals and nursing homes and for the gift giver; it does the heart good. If you’re a layperson and not familiar with the rules of patient gift giving in these institutions, here are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing your elder gift bag:

th banana1. Always call to speak with a hospital or facility administrator to share your intent. You will, in turn, be informed of visiting hours appropriate to patient’s ADL (activities of daily living) where patient’s bath, meals and activities come into play. Although there are routine visiting hours, most visitors will want to allow for the patient morning care routine which includes/bathing/toileting/breakfast.

The nursing staff can direct you to the appropriate and convenient times for your visit. Patients love their meal times,however, so try to time your visits, either before or after meals. (family often come to help the staff with feeding or bathing their family members, which is an interaction that is highly encouraged)

2. By the time they’re into their golden years,most patients do not have their natural teeth, but have upper and lower dentures. Oftentimes,there are some foods/treats they will find hard pressed to bite into. Bananas and other palpable fruits and soft foods should be considered.

3. A majority of a hospital and nursing home residents are diagnosed diabetics. Before handing out gift bags of hard candies and other sugary foods. Consider diabetic candies as a substitute. Always stop by the nurses station and ask if your gifts are acceptable. I have witnessed cases where patient family members fail to get clearance on foods they bring in to a patient that have caused diabetic blood sugars to spike at dangerously high levels. Do your part by doing the right thing and ask.

thhandbook4. Some great gift items for patient ‘s includes, books, puzzles, socks, slippers, denture creams and adhesives ( again inform the nurse of personal items so s/he can place them inside the drawer of the person’s  bedside table) flowers placed at the bedside or a colorful plant for their windowsill.

5. No shaving items or sharpies recommended in cases where dementia & Alzheimer patients can harm themselves if unattended.


I hope that the upcoming holidays find you happy, hopeful and humbled by the goodness of God’s blessings at work in your life. Always treat yourself special and continue to sow seeds of comfort and kindness.

Relax, Release and Trust the Process!

Good Morning Women of Purpose!

Did anyone watch Oprah’s new BELIEF series? I did and I found it very interesting in regards to other worlds cultural and spiritual traditions. The young women in India who become nuns, had to pull their hair out by hand and give up all family connections. Ten year old African boys who would become men, participated in a ritual that had them jumping from the top of a tree onto the muddy ground below… seeing one young boy landing on his head was terrifying. He bravely endured, but I’m sure it was to save face.

I said a serious prayer for him because he appeared to land hard. Those boys participating in such dangerous feats are unsettling. Now, viewing water as a healing resource was more to my understanding. Anyhow, I digress from today’s post, so let’s go there.

quote-typographic-background-shoes-keep-calm-love-vector-format-50568357Relax, Release and Trust the Process
I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so thankful for those days; those small moments in time and that food for thought we often chew on, swallow and digest in our lives as a reminder that,” It’s not all about you!” These last weeks, I’ve had to take a step back and take a page from that spirit book, which basically tells us to relax, release and trust the process.
For those of you who might not have read or heard it from friends who follow my blogs, I was recently awarded a $2500 book publishing contract from a Publishing Company that empowers women writers. This particular contract was for African-American women writers seeking a publisher for their books. I completed my self-help book for women, maybe a week before reading about the scholarship and initially, I wasn’t going to apply (pride) but my spirit led intuition pulled me from bed to email the publisher for direction.
My concern after being awarded the scholarship and thanking God for my blessing, was that in my haste to share the good news, along with the title of my book to the world, I might have gave cause for some unscrupulous someone to come along and claim the title before the book’s release! Although there’s a story behind Unleash Your Pearls, I can’t forget that my quotes & phrases have appeared in other places without my author permission.
These human concerns led me to want to complete the five book coaching conference calls that are a stipulation of the scholarship. I emailed available dates to the publisher, in an effort to rush the process. Naw, didn’t happen!

Happily, I can report that my first conference call is this week. I’m looking forward to the process of learning more about the publishing end of this writing thing. I’m also stepping back from trying to control the book publishing process, in order to get a great book out to all of you!

thbelieveI have to trust that God got the wheel and try hard to stay in my lane, because Unleash Your Pearls has a publisher who will do the necessary maintenance required to make the book ready to market, promote and sell as the professional work all of you deserve.

I’m so excited! All of my hard work will now be in book form for every authentic woman living and learning from life experiences. You can keep this valuable resource to becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to know within arms reach.
Unleash Your Pearl is a personal testament of my journey to authentic awareness to spirit and purpose. Other visionaries share their stories on how every woman (and man) deserves to live their one life better. There are correspondence from women asking questions about the change occurring in their lives, as well as millennials coming to terms with having to make choices that will affect their families.. Heck, there’s even a man/woman discussion on relationships that is very revealing for both sexes. I am blown away by how our whole life existence is a learning process. And, whether you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond, this book offers some authentic nuggets for everyone on how to live this one awesome life. We’re never too young or too old to learn new ways,wisdom and insights that leads to living life better and not bitter.

In preparing my book for publication, I’ve had to let go of ego and trust that my book needs and desires will come to fruition.Trust and believe that an important component to living a spiritually authentic life is to relax, release and trust the process!
Always believe and trust in yourself and in your abilities to be of positive service to others seeking the right path to living an authentic life. Also, trust that your own life of service will flourish in blessings and abundance.

Are You Spiritual or Religious? Join the Conversation

Happy Monday, Warrior Women!

Thank God I know who I am, whose I am and why I am. This is a conversation that needs to be heard and not judged. I’m a spiritual being living a human existence and the lord is my shepherd~ I shall not want. I am a woman open to learning authentic truths from all, and therefore, I am the judge of none.

This video was lifted from Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday. I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Blessings and abundance.

Answering The Call of Mother Nature’s Authentic Healing


Healing Powers of Mother Nature:
Flowing in conscious awareness
All of these emotions come to the center of your healing through the universal offerings of Mother Nature. When you are stressed to the core of your being and you feel off centered, it might be time to immerse yourself in positive spiritual re-awakening and answer to the call that is the calm essence  of nature. It doesn’t matter if you love to ski the snow-covered slopes in Aspen, climb Mount Everest, go hiking in the foothills of Montana or stroll the path along the forest preserve in your own back yard, when you invite nature into your chaotic space, you open yourself up to a space of calm, peace and humility. Not only will you feel alive and invigorated, you step out from a fog of depletion to clarity and focus, where your heart sings because you have a renewed appreciation for the gift of life.
I can’t speak for you, but when I’m alone in the serene calmness and ambiance of God’s creation, my physical body relaxes and my mind shifts away from the constant noise and busyness that seems to be the “new black” of a world’s people. It seems that in living life experiences, we have become a mass of bodies, looking for that next big thing. It’s no longer “us against the world”, it’s more of us against one another; in our families, in our businesses and our personal associations. Unfortunately, in a world of competitive ‘bested-mess’, we can easily forget how to live a life of simple abundance and meaning. We have to be reminded that life doesn’t have to be complicated.
In most cases, people deem their life hard and alter their blessings by approaching life from a pessimistic stance. I get it, it’s not always easy to remain optimistic in view of life struggles, pains and tribulations, but trust and believe , you will fare better by refusing to perpetuate the negatives. You have to replace negative connotations in your brain with consistent, positive affirmations and, over time, you will see a change in your attitude and in your life.

There’s no need for discord in your life, when there can be peace. You just have to choose the life you desire to live. When you seek to enjoy life, instead of negating life, you will see a positive change in how you view the world and the people in it.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to rule the world~ just look at all of the negative stress placed upon the president and first lady, that perhaps trickle down to their young children. I Just want to live simply, eat hearty and healthy foods ( my comfort food sparingly), and am of authentic service to those women on their journey to “knowing” and “becoming.” I want women who are in their constant state of ‘busyness’ and need to DE-stress,to try nature as an authentic healing alternative.
When you are going through something that’s out of alignment with your true ‘self’, it’s normal to feel down and out for a brief time, but it’s not normal to stay in that place and that’s when you have to seek healing from the inside out. One of the most self affirming and rejuvenating practices that I crave for my journey back to healing of ‘self’ is to seek out the comforting arms of Mother Nature.

alp-mountains-covered-with-snow-725x518When your inner ‘self’ is centered, your physical ‘self’ aligns itself to your authentic truths. Being still with nature is a common practice for many on the life path to spiritual reawakening and mindfulness.
Spiritual leaders like Deepak Chopra does this through meditation, where he quiets himself to focus on inner peace that calms the mind, alleviate stress and helps to focus and connect to the spirit of the universe where it all makes sense.
It doesn’t matter how far you’ve fallen or how far off centered you are on the path leading to happiness and joy in your life, making a connection to yourself in full awareness has a way of banishing the fog of despair and lead you back to focus and clarity.
When you sit in the presence of nature’s beauty, your conscious awareness align with your inner self and your heart’s center where the turmoil of worry and setbacks have taken a stress pill of negative fears and doubts, causing you to feel stuck and unproductive; helpless and depressed. You become a sponge to the negative energy welcoming you to the pity-party where pain and confusion is celebrating their new guest of honor.
When you are transitioning through the heavy burdens of life experiences, you have to fight the dark forces of negativity to reclaim your positive outlook on life. For me, the best medicine in my world can be found among green trees, chirping birds, sunsets, sunrises and the sounds of awakening to the aliveness of life.
When you are stressed, seek peace, tranquility and a sense of freedom by bathing in the river of sweet surrender that is Mother Nature.

Take a break to regroup and realign yourself to your heart’s center by going back to where the essence of calm and clarity awaits.

Are you feeling overworked, underpaid, taken for granted and just tired of being tired?

water-trees-9j3w_smallStep away from the chaos of life and steal away to submerge yourself in the authentic healing powers from which all things flow. You can get back to a place of victory in your personal and professional life because you have been spiritually awakened to who you are and whose you are.


Always treat yourself special. Count your blessing, stay in gratitude and breathe slowly.

How Women Can Become Proactive in Breast Cancer Awareness

Hello women of truth!  Please join me in sending prayers of healing and comfort for the folks in South Carolina. Lord knows how much we can bear. In this vein, I want to talk to women about the importance of self-knowledge. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s important that we do our part as women to learn about our own bodies and do the work that will ensure our continued good health.

33996336-doctor-with-breast-cancer-awareness-message-for-awareness-monthHow many of you do self breast ca exams? Do you know the best times to do them? I’m going to share a few facts about women and men breast cancers in hopes that you become proactive and armed with the know how that can lead you to recognize and help prevent cancer in your own life and, in the lives of those you love.

According to information gathered from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), breast cancers are usually found in women 50 years or older, but younger women have been diagnosed and died from breast cancer. In fact,11% of new cases found from recent studies indicates that women younger than 45 are diagnosed with the disease.

In 2012, there are findings that white women had the highest risk of getting breast cancers, but more black women will most likely die from it. Why? Because of delayed treatment, social-economic conditions and lack of knowledge about the disease. Men are not excluded from getting breast cancer either, although the percentage is low for men at only 1%. Let’s have the conversation.

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the growth of abnormal cells in the breast. These abnormal cells can attack healthy cells and mutate to other areas of the body through the bloodstream via lymph nodes found under the armpit.

What are some contributing factors that can lead to breast cancers?

Doctors usually ask about your history to find out if anyone in your immediate family have or ever had cancer of any kind. This includes your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and even cousins.

They want to know if you are a smoker or if you abuse alcohol. Consider that you are at risk if you’re obese or, have taken combined estrogen and progesterone therapy over an extended time.

Other factors for women that are significant in the incidence of breast cancer includes:

Early periods

Late menopause

Dense breasts

Late childbearing

You can be an advocate for your own good health by doing personal body observations and making note of anything that is not your ‘new’ normal. Doing periodic self breast exams, preferably right after your period, is recommended by doctor and health care officials. Lying on your back with your arm raised over your head or while in the shower with your arm raised as you gently massage your breasts with the fingers of your free hand in a circular motion, is conducive to locating an unfamiliar ‘lump’ or ‘bump’ in your breast.

You can also assess your breasts in the mirror before your bath. Look for wrinkling or dimpling or a sunken appearance around the breasts. Is there drainage from your nipple? Is there an odor or odd color that could be different, even for  the breastfeeding mom?  Every woman must stay body vigilant by paying attention to their breasts shape, skin, nipple and contour.

If, during your self breast exams, your fingers ‘feel’ something that’s odd or not right, most definitely make an appointment with your doctor. If you have no medical or healthcare insurance, look for free clinics and healthcare facilities in and around your area. Remember, don’t notseek medical attention because of lack of medical insurance. “Where there’s a will-there’s a way!”

For more news about breast cancer, go to www.gynecologyintitute.com

Blessings and good health!

If you want to read more health-related articles or have personal health concerns you’d like to address at Authentic Woman, let me know via email or comment and I will put my 30 plus nursing skills to good use to help bring awareness.

Image of cancerous breast

** HOLD FOR RELEASE AT 6 P.M., EDT **These undated images, provided by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, shows a standard mammogram, left, and molecular breast imaging (MBI) from a study performed on a 45-year-old patient in the clinic's screening of women with dense breasts. The mammogram was interpreted as being negative while the MBI image shows a cancer indicated by the arrow. (AP Photo/The Mayo Clinic)