Answering The Call of Mother Nature’s Authentic Healing


Healing Powers of Mother Nature:
Flowing in conscious awareness
All of these emotions come to the center of your healing through the universal offerings of Mother Nature. When you are stressed to the core of your being and you feel off centered, it might be time to immerse yourself in positive spiritual re-awakening and answer to the call that is the calm essence  of nature. It doesn’t matter if you love to ski the snow-covered slopes in Aspen, climb Mount Everest, go hiking in the foothills of Montana or stroll the path along the forest preserve in your own back yard, when you invite nature into your chaotic space, you open yourself up to a space of calm, peace and humility. Not only will you feel alive and invigorated, you step out from a fog of depletion to clarity and focus, where your heart sings because you have a renewed appreciation for the gift of life.
I can’t speak for you, but when I’m alone in the serene calmness and ambiance of God’s creation, my physical body relaxes and my mind shifts away from the constant noise and busyness that seems to be the “new black” of a world’s people. It seems that in living life experiences, we have become a mass of bodies, looking for that next big thing. It’s no longer “us against the world”, it’s more of us against one another; in our families, in our businesses and our personal associations. Unfortunately, in a world of competitive ‘bested-mess’, we can easily forget how to live a life of simple abundance and meaning. We have to be reminded that life doesn’t have to be complicated.
In most cases, people deem their life hard and alter their blessings by approaching life from a pessimistic stance. I get it, it’s not always easy to remain optimistic in view of life struggles, pains and tribulations, but trust and believe , you will fare better by refusing to perpetuate the negatives. You have to replace negative connotations in your brain with consistent, positive affirmations and, over time, you will see a change in your attitude and in your life.

There’s no need for discord in your life, when there can be peace. You just have to choose the life you desire to live. When you seek to enjoy life, instead of negating life, you will see a positive change in how you view the world and the people in it.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to rule the world~ just look at all of the negative stress placed upon the president and first lady, that perhaps trickle down to their young children. I Just want to live simply, eat hearty and healthy foods ( my comfort food sparingly), and am of authentic service to those women on their journey to “knowing” and “becoming.” I want women who are in their constant state of ‘busyness’ and need to DE-stress,to try nature as an authentic healing alternative.
When you are going through something that’s out of alignment with your true ‘self’, it’s normal to feel down and out for a brief time, but it’s not normal to stay in that place and that’s when you have to seek healing from the inside out. One of the most self affirming and rejuvenating practices that I crave for my journey back to healing of ‘self’ is to seek out the comforting arms of Mother Nature.

alp-mountains-covered-with-snow-725x518When your inner ‘self’ is centered, your physical ‘self’ aligns itself to your authentic truths. Being still with nature is a common practice for many on the life path to spiritual reawakening and mindfulness.
Spiritual leaders like Deepak Chopra does this through meditation, where he quiets himself to focus on inner peace that calms the mind, alleviate stress and helps to focus and connect to the spirit of the universe where it all makes sense.
It doesn’t matter how far you’ve fallen or how far off centered you are on the path leading to happiness and joy in your life, making a connection to yourself in full awareness has a way of banishing the fog of despair and lead you back to focus and clarity.
When you sit in the presence of nature’s beauty, your conscious awareness align with your inner self and your heart’s center where the turmoil of worry and setbacks have taken a stress pill of negative fears and doubts, causing you to feel stuck and unproductive; helpless and depressed. You become a sponge to the negative energy welcoming you to the pity-party where pain and confusion is celebrating their new guest of honor.
When you are transitioning through the heavy burdens of life experiences, you have to fight the dark forces of negativity to reclaim your positive outlook on life. For me, the best medicine in my world can be found among green trees, chirping birds, sunsets, sunrises and the sounds of awakening to the aliveness of life.
When you are stressed, seek peace, tranquility and a sense of freedom by bathing in the river of sweet surrender that is Mother Nature.

Take a break to regroup and realign yourself to your heart’s center by going back to where the essence of calm and clarity awaits.

Are you feeling overworked, underpaid, taken for granted and just tired of being tired?

water-trees-9j3w_smallStep away from the chaos of life and steal away to submerge yourself in the authentic healing powers from which all things flow. You can get back to a place of victory in your personal and professional life because you have been spiritually awakened to who you are and whose you are.


Always treat yourself special. Count your blessing, stay in gratitude and breathe slowly.

How Women Can Become Proactive in Breast Cancer Awareness

Hello women of truth!  Please join me in sending prayers of healing and comfort for the folks in South Carolina. Lord knows how much we can bear. In this vein, I want to talk to women about the importance of self-knowledge. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s important that we do our part as women to learn about our own bodies and do the work that will ensure our continued good health.

33996336-doctor-with-breast-cancer-awareness-message-for-awareness-monthHow many of you do self breast ca exams? Do you know the best times to do them? I’m going to share a few facts about women and men breast cancers in hopes that you become proactive and armed with the know how that can lead you to recognize and help prevent cancer in your own life and, in the lives of those you love.

According to information gathered from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), breast cancers are usually found in women 50 years or older, but younger women have been diagnosed and died from breast cancer. In fact,11% of new cases found from recent studies indicates that women younger than 45 are diagnosed with the disease.

In 2012, there are findings that white women had the highest risk of getting breast cancers, but more black women will most likely die from it. Why? Because of delayed treatment, social-economic conditions and lack of knowledge about the disease. Men are not excluded from getting breast cancer either, although the percentage is low for men at only 1%. Let’s have the conversation.

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the growth of abnormal cells in the breast. These abnormal cells can attack healthy cells and mutate to other areas of the body through the bloodstream via lymph nodes found under the armpit.

What are some contributing factors that can lead to breast cancers?

Doctors usually ask about your history to find out if anyone in your immediate family have or ever had cancer of any kind. This includes your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and even cousins.

They want to know if you are a smoker or if you abuse alcohol. Consider that you are at risk if you’re obese or, have taken combined estrogen and progesterone therapy over an extended time.

Other factors for women that are significant in the incidence of breast cancer includes:

Early periods

Late menopause

Dense breasts

Late childbearing

You can be an advocate for your own good health by doing personal body observations and making note of anything that is not your ‘new’ normal. Doing periodic self breast exams, preferably right after your period, is recommended by doctor and health care officials. Lying on your back with your arm raised over your head or while in the shower with your arm raised as you gently massage your breasts with the fingers of your free hand in a circular motion, is conducive to locating an unfamiliar ‘lump’ or ‘bump’ in your breast.

You can also assess your breasts in the mirror before your bath. Look for wrinkling or dimpling or a sunken appearance around the breasts. Is there drainage from your nipple? Is there an odor or odd color that could be different, even for  the breastfeeding mom?  Every woman must stay body vigilant by paying attention to their breasts shape, skin, nipple and contour.

If, during your self breast exams, your fingers ‘feel’ something that’s odd or not right, most definitely make an appointment with your doctor. If you have no medical or healthcare insurance, look for free clinics and healthcare facilities in and around your area. Remember, don’t notseek medical attention because of lack of medical insurance. “Where there’s a will-there’s a way!”

For more news about breast cancer, go to

Blessings and good health!

If you want to read more health-related articles or have personal health concerns you’d like to address at Authentic Woman, let me know via email or comment and I will put my 30 plus nursing skills to good use to help bring awareness.

Image of cancerous breast

** HOLD FOR RELEASE AT 6 P.M., EDT **These undated images, provided by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, shows a standard mammogram, left, and molecular breast imaging (MBI) from a study performed on a 45-year-old patient in the clinic's screening of women with dense breasts. The mammogram was interpreted as being negative while the MBI image shows a cancer indicated by the arrow. (AP Photo/The Mayo Clinic)


Victim No More!

thadultGood Morning, Warrior Women!

There are so many warrior women out here fighting the good fight against abuse. Many of you are women who have been through the storms of abuse and you are survivors who have regained control of your  lives to walk free of the stigma oftentimes associated with abuse. o many more of you know someone who have been abused and you’re on a mission to bring awareness and encourage the authentic voice of  women who suffer in silence.

Authentic Women, you are champions and not victims!

At some point in our “woman” lives we have been victims. Abuse in any form can occur at any age and stage in lives of women, children and the elderly. I would be remiss if I didn’t concur that abuse happens in the lives of young males, who grow up to become men who oftentimes keep their abuse a secret, perhaps, thinking in error, that by acknowledging the abuse, he will be ridiculed or that it will somehow lessen his manhood.
Abuse is a traumatic experience that can leave a person with depressive feelings of low self-esteem, little self-worth, anger, anxiety, intimacy issues in their relationships and, even thoughts of suicide. I’m encouraged to connect with women who have taken control of their lives and refuse to be victim to abuse any longer! Social media is a wonderful platform for women of abuse to share their authentic truths and use their voice to inspire and motivate those who keep silent and perhaps, miss the opportunity to shed light on this crime that steals the vibrant life of its victims.

th blameI was in a recent conversation with a young mother who had concerns about keeping her child safe from abuse. We teach our children about “stranger danger” in our homes, but, we are reluctant to teach our young girls and boys about how to protect their bodies. Back in the day, kindergarten teachers were allowed to teach ex education to their students in simple to understand language, as in “good touch”, “bad touch.”

If parents, church and government don’t want children exposed to sex education in the schools, then the parent had better start educating their children in the home. Children have to be taught the dangers and told to “Run tell somebody” in the event they are put in an uncomfortable situation from an adult or older friend; cousin or family member.
I truly believe that authenticity and transparency is the new “Black” in the lives of women in regards to the decisions they make. It’s time for us to “run tell that”, whatever that truth may be, in order for positive change to occur.

thtoldIf you have a story to tell that can help another person make positive choices/changes in their lives, by all means use the platform of social media to share your story, without fear of reprimand. This is your life. Do what resonates in your heart. Write and publish your book, chapbook, poems, short stories and stand up for what you know ,as you’ve lived it, walked it and came out on the other side to become victorious over it.
I was crowned ‘victor’ of the fight
Then the rains came
They splashed upon my senses and clouded my mind
It became hard for me
To hold on
to that sacred lifeline…
I grabbed hold with my left hand
held fast with my right
prayed to the lord who loves me
Let me make it another night
I won’t let go,
I can’t let go!
Slowly my vision cleared
my mind became like new.
I awoke to the land of the living
as if darkness I never knew.
I shouted my pleasure to the world
The world of darkness and light
For I was back in the land
of the living,
Crowned “Victor” of the fight. CF

Forms of Abuse:
Child abuse sexual and domestic
Domestic Violence & Spousal abuse against women (men in rare instances)
Bullying children on school grounds and social media
Workplace Abuse (usually employer towards employee)
Racial profiling that often leads to victim’s death
Gender Bashing

Verbal and Emotional abuse

If you are recovering from and fighting back against abuse and the stigma of abuse (you should never feel embarrassed to seek professional help), please share your progress in the comment section. You are courageous and you got this!

Remember to always treat yourself special .





Empowering Your Power Over Fear

9157428-face-your-fears-phrase-in-vintage-wood-letterpress-printing-blocks-isolated-on-whiteHappy Tuesday Victorious Women! This post comes from something that unfortunately cause many people anxiety and stress. Fear is one of those human maladies that’s going to remain a constant in your living life experiences. That ugly nuisance called fear keeps you in hiding. It stops you from following your dreams and achieving your goals. I write about fear often, in an effort to empower faith over fear and encourage women to step up and step out from under the umbrella of a negative falsehood that seeks to bind your greatness, silence your voice and stop your Passions from taking wings and fly.

It doesn’t matter if you have a fear of speaking, flying or driving; a fear of crowds, spiders or strangers, you can live a life where your faith and you doing the work will triumph over your fears. Here are 5 authentic ways to combat fear when it shows up in your life:

1. Maintain a positive mindset. For every ten positive thoughts, you have a hundred negatives running a muck in your brain. It’s important to set your mind on positives, which can include daily aspirations of inspiration and life teachings from spiritual guides and personal development gurus.
2. Acknowledge your fear, but know that what you envision as fear is heightened by your own imagination. Sometimes we build stuff up in our minds to such a degree, that we render ourselves helpless and sabotage our blessing, opportunities and possibilities.
3. You’re not the lone ranger in this. People all over the world suffer from fear and anxiety, but they have learned how to topple their fears and proceed with their calling. If you have go-to person/persons in your life to help you through your fear transition, by all means, call on them.
4. Fear is false. By keeping your thoughts on a positive outcome, you will talk yourself into confronting your fears. Just how you talked yourself into imagining a negative outcome; you can darn sure talk yourself into expecting a positive outcome.
5. If your fears and anxieties seem overwhelming, then it’s possible you might need to seek professional help. There’s no shame in the life game to seeking help. You can start by researching mental health professionals in your local area and by perusing the internet and yellow pages.
If you’re living with fear, you have to empower your power over fear and take back your life by being proactive and learning how to act instead of react when fear rears its ugly head. Take control over your fears through practice, knowledge, positive awareness and a change in mindset. Empower your God-given power and you can live a stress free and healthy lifestyle, regardless of these maladies that are bound to occur.

Breaking Negative Chains Of Distraction

stock-vector-chains-broken-off-by-hands-199831451Happy Monday Warrior Women! I hope that you all are setting goals, accomplishing your dreams and living your life with purpose, meaning and understanding. I’ve just put my 22 month old great-granddaughter down for a nap and so I’m taking this time to say hello and share some thoughts with all of you. I think I’ve written often enough and heard it said enough, that when we have life, we have purpose. Those of you who haven’t found your soul purpose in this one life source you have been given; don’t worry. Your time to shine in your authentic truths will come.

What you must not allow yourself to do is be idle and spend precious time comparing your gifts to that of others. God doesn’t do shortages. We are all equally blessed. Don’t allow the negatives to seep into your soul and cause you to lose sight of your blessings. Live your life, walk in your truths and do the work you are passionate and compassionate about. Keep spreading the good news of others from your heart and don’t live a life of pretense.

My post for you today centers on three distractions that can hold us back and keep us feeling shackled, ashamed and unproductive:

Three Negative Chains of Distraction:

“There’s an army rising up. There’s an army rising up.”

11821856-woman-enters-a-dark-room-to-illustrate-concept-of-unknown-and-fear1. Fear is one chain that you must break away from in order to live a life of spirit and purpose. It is a big distraction that play mind games and have you thinking you’re not good enough. That you’re not experienced or educated enough. That you can’t become that mentor or coach whose intuitive gifts allows another person to recognize their greatest potential. You forget that life experiences make the best teacher. Don’t allow negatives to malign your greatness and diminish your woman power.

Fear is an enemy that sneaks up on every spiritual being living a human existence. If we are not strong in our faith, we will crumble under the barrage of doubts, anxiety and self-sabotage seeking to keep us from moving forward in the possibilities and opportunities that are being given to us. We must find the courage to meet this ghost on the battlefield of life and break the chain that keeps us from knowing that fear is powerless against a strong mind and a determined spirit. With faith as small as a mustard seed, we can claim victory over the negative energy of false evidence appearing real.

“Break every chain. Break every chain”


money-background-abstract-dollar-texture-498802912. Greed is something that many people can’t seem to get past in their lives, as in “The more we have, the more we want.” This is an ugly, oftentimes, all consuming and hideous thing that we must work to extinguish from our lives, because it hinders us from embracing the true meaning of prosperity. The gifts of abundance that we have through God’s grace will sustain us. For many of us, “it’s all about the Benjamins” and collecting stuff we don’t really need or want. Stop the madness of being wasteful and materialistic.

You can use your gifts to ensure your prosperity and maintain a sustainable life for yourself and for your family. The good Lord gives us enough to fulfill our needs. Your wants should never outweigh the grace of a limitless God.

rat-cheese-vector-illustration-488589533. Jealousy is the chain of the green-eyed monster that covets your neighbor’s perceived better life, good looks and high IQ. Sometimes we dislike a person for being well liked by others! It seems more of us spend our precious time trying to emulate or keep up with the Jones’s that we forget to blast our own awesome qualities.

If Oprah were to ask the question: What I know for sure? How would you respond?

My answer would be that I am one of a kind and I am loved because of who I am and whose I am. I know for sure that God loves me. I am love and light and I am happy knowing me. There’s no one else in the world like me. What a blessing to know that you are an original; that you are fearlessly and wonderfully made!

In order to break free from bondage in any negative area of your life and the thing that threatens your very salvation, you must know the who, what and why of your reason for being. You have to know yourself from the inside out. When you live a life of authentic purpose, you will be humbled by every experience because therein lies the foundation for your existence. When you keep moving forward with your plan to live a purpose filled life, you won’t feel the need to measure your value by how much stuff you accumulate, but by how your services to others can make a positive difference in their lives.


When You Know Your Calling…

nature-concept-with-green-tree_z17h-qPd Happy Tuesday, Visionary Women!

I love this quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Don’t die with your music still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul. Listen to that inner voice, and don’t get to the end of your life and say, ‘What if my whole life has been wrong?”

There has been an uprising of late from people asking;

Why am I here?

How will I recognize God’s purpose at work in my life?

I’ve come to know his purpose that had manifested in the core of my being since I was a girl, but it was not fully recognized, or embraced until I reached adulthood.  I was only eleven years old, growing up in a segregated Jim Crow that was the insidious cancer plaguing black folks in the South, when my dreams of change began. I knew at a young age, this way of life wasn’t to be the “be-all end-all” for people of color.
I knew I wanted to bring awareness and utilize those experiences in some aspect to help empower social and humane change. I also knew I wanted to speak up for the “underdog,” those men, women, children and the elderly, who for whatever reason could not speak for themselves!

If you are questioning your calling and wondering why you are here; listen to your inner-being, the place where spirit waits in anticipation, for the emergence of your spiritually awakened and authentic self.

I have been fortunate in that I’ve had a passion for writing since for as long as I can remember. Among other ventures, writing has allowed me to put into practice my soul purpose, which is to empower the voice in women, so that they will not be afraid to stand in their truths. Finding your purpose involves listening to your heart and using your gifts to help right the wrongs you see in the world-in whatever capacity your God-given talent and gifts allow.

If you are confused about your purpose,  have faith and believe in yourself. Trust that God’s purpose for you is at work in your life and you will come to know the “why” of your existence in due time. I am passionate about my passions and I’m compelled by my purpose as I write to empower the voice in other women. I am here to engage the importance of the “woman”story as it will be the catalyst that encourages and empower women to speak their truth, stand against injustice; be better and do better, for themselves, for their families and for other people.

free_230011I use my voice and my informational writings to empower women to empower themselves. As you read my truths, consider sharing your own. There is someone out there who needs to hear your ‘speak’. Don’t be afraid to step out of that place of complacency to begin the work the good Lord called you to do. When you can clearly define what speaks to you, what motivates you and what service you provide that brings you immense joy-your path to reawakening has begun. Ring! your purpose is calling.

Remember to always treat yourself special. Stay praised up in prayer and focused on your purpose journey. Keep going, even when you feel like giving up. It’ okay to be human-we’re not perfect beings.  Now, I know that reality is a bitter pill for you perfectionists to swallow :)

I’m going off the grid until mid September. You know how to reach me in a pinch, either via my LinkedIn, email or P. O. Box… all contact info available on my Contact page.


Sometimes We Listen-

Happy Monday… women of authenticity!

This speak touched my spirit and makes it yearn for better ‘humane’ days. I’m delighted to share this authentic woman voice with all of you.