In Memoriam

27 Jul

I tossed and turned last night. Now, I know why. God called another young angel up to the heavens. Precious Lord take her hand.  Bobbi Kristina won’t have to cry no more. My condolences and prayers goes out to Bobby Brown and all of the Brown and Houston families.

May you rest in the arms of your loving mom, Whitney Houston and find peace eternal in the arms of your heavenly father.

We open our hearts in love and prayerthbobbi..


thwhit n ch

Your Happiness Choice

20 Jul

thmoment in timeHappy Monday, Authentic women that you are!

I woke from a peaceful sleep this morning, feeling grateful and happy. I am happy today because I’m alive. I’m happy because my arthritic knees aren’t swollen and they feel so much better than the pains of yesterday. I’m happy because my children are taking care of their adult business, while lovingly teaching and celebrating their own children. I’m happy that my days are not cloudy or foggy with regret from my yesterdays.

Everyday that I wake up and make the choice to be happy, is a good day. Happiness is a choice and if you’re feeling like your life is ‘woe is me” and you’re wishing for a better life? Pray on what your heart desires, pick yourself up and begin the work you need to do to make that better life.

I’m not just talking this stuff. Trust and believe, I’ve been there, many times in my life; right where some of you are now. The great thing about being blessed with life, is that we don’t have to live our lives miserable! You have the power to change your thoughts from feeling miserable to feeling well able to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Those things that are beyond your control? Don’t dwell on it. Pray on it and keep going for yourself and for your family’s sake. People are suffering in some form or another everyday. Do your part. Speak on it. Offer loving support in whatever area necessary to those in need and be a bridge of comfort and loving understanding.

We all experience troubles. But, trouble don’t last too long. Be strong. Stay focused and choose your happiness.

The news I wanted to share is that I’m relocating in August! After over 40 years living in Chicago, Illinois, I’m moving to a place more conducive to living my life better. I’ll post next week, but not in August, until I’m settled. You all can continue to reach me at my post office box or via my email address for mentoring and support as always.

My hope is that every woman stand in their truth and make their voices heard. You must not be afraid to share your stories and do your best to make a difference in the life of someone else. Your authentic voice matters! And of course,always treat yourselves better in the process of making a difference :)

th choose happy

My July column at ME! Magazine is here :

Live Your Life ‘Evergreen’

14 Jul

many-quotes-about-change-in-life.jpgHello Visionary Women! So, imagine my surprise when I get a friend request on my fb page from none other than Pastor T.D.Jakes. The following week, I receive a new Twitter follower Dr. Michael Beckwith! Now, what did I say or do to have these two world-renowned messengers of God and Faith, want to follow me?

Well, heck, that’s a loaded question that could possibly inflate the human ego, but I know it wasn’t me. You see, God put people in your life because he’s got a plan for your life.

If you want to supercharge your purpose journey with heaping of spiritual foods to feed your soul, here’s the link to Michael Beckwith’s website:

Life is clock full of wonderful surprises. When you live a life of expectancy, God will bless you with favor from all avenues. He is pleased and wants you to acknowledge that you are blessed and a blessing. If you are given a chance, take it…

When you choose to live an authentic life of truth, purpose and passion, your journey to complete and utter acceptance of who you are and whose you are; makes you able.

Keep the faith, be thankful and live your life-evergreen.

I apologize for not posting on Monday. There’s life changing news I will share with all of you in an upcoming post. Change is good.:)

Your Golden Hearts…

6 Jul

thHEARTPeople won’t remember what you did. People won’t remember what you said. But people will always remember the way you made them feel. Maya Angelou

Good Morning, authentic women with hearts of gold! I wanted to share thoughts of appreciation and gratitude to all of you who have been a positive presence in the life of Authentic Woman these past 7 years. I woke up this morning with a grateful mind and a hopeful spirit as I recalled the trials and tribulations in my life that led me to knowing and doing better. My journey to ‘becoming’ would ultimately bring me through the fires of misery and set me on the path to my spirit re-awakenings, where purpose, possibility and true love reigns.

Why You Should Drink From Every Cup

29 Jun
Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.” — Paulo Coelho

Monday Blessings, to all women of substance! So, although I like a nice chilled pinot grigio or chardonnay, I’m definitely not a wine connoisseur, but I thought Paulo Coelho analogy for doing what you love and tackling your passions full on, was appropriate for today’s post.

What wines are you indulging in these days? Are you drinking the whole bottle? I’ve been super busy since returning from my family reunion and I’m attempting to write smarter as opposed to harder. I invite you to indulge me in my newest wine tasting ventures that I share in appreciation since my last posting. In the mornings when I rise, I always thank the lord for another day of life’s blessings, in that I’m doing what brings me joy.

I’m blessed to feel aligned with purpose, possibility and opportunity. I’m humbled and excited to share that my work to empower the voice in women (men as well) has been accepted as a monthly column in ME! Magazine. I serve as one of the magazine’s lifestyle strategists. So cool :) 

This is my second column for their June issue. All issues of the magazine are free, so when you visit the site, pick up the May issue with my column debut. The July issue is out on the 16th of the month.

The  economic decline of 2006-2009, took a drastic toil on nearly every household in America. But, I was  devastated to learn that the demographic most affected were single black mothers head of households. The median wealth divide between women of color versus their white counterparts, was vast and disheartening, which in turn, caused me to write an article about the dire situation and offer practical tips to wealth gaining that might have been overlooked by the those suffering the most- African-American women.

You can find that article here:

Finally, I get to add a face to The Essence of Romance, the relationship guide for Christian singles and couples, I co-authored with Chicago Author and friend, Ms. Evelyn Cogdell: The Essence of Romance

Our blog-talk radio interview about the book is here:

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy in support of our first author collaboration, shoot me an email.

So tell me about your wine. Are you tasting, sipping or drinking the whole bottle?

Stay Golden!

Stop Holding Your Dreams Hostage!

23 Jun

“If you’re not seeing in your life what God promised in your spirit – be grateful and keep going.” Joel Osteen.

25317575-what-is-your-dreamHello, wondrous women of integrity and spirit! I’m back from my family reunion where we enjoyed peaceful slumber in a gorgeous hotel, a Friday fish-fry and a sunset barbecue on Saturday, held on a massive deck in back of my brother’s(the farmer) beautiful property. We played memory games, shared coming of age stories , stimulating conversations about trending topics and just relaxed in the ambiance of our Southern family tradition. I think everyone traveled back to their respective homes with feelings of gratitude and happiness. And no I didn’t embrace the Confederate Flag!

I’m so glad to be back with all of you and I appreciate every single one of you for finding your way to Authentic Woman, to leave a comment, share your authentic voice or follow us in sisterhood. Authentic Woman is on our 7th year mission, where we share in sowing seeds of authentic truths, purpose and possibility. On a spiritual path to reawakening, we hold steadfast to our dreams, even in the midst of challenging times.

Oftentimes, when our deepest desires and dreams doesn’t appear as we envision them, we tend to give up and give in to defeat. Life is too short to deny yourself the pure joy of achieving your dreams. It really is okay to walk in your authentic truths, accept the pain of rejection that will come before success, and still continue to work your dreams. When you step out in faith and believe in yourself, you’re more apt to accomplish your dreams.

What’s your dream? Do you dream big? What color are your dreams? I encourage you to dream in technicolor and commit to opening the door that holds your dreams hostage. You owe it to yourself and to those of us in the world who might benefit from your creative inventions or intuitive insights.Stop holding your dreams hostage. They are longing for release! Never deny or give up on your dreams, no matter who tells you differently.

If I had listened to naysayers early on, on my personal path to reawakening, I might not be in this serene and peaceful space in my life, where I’m holding steadfast to who I am and whose I am, even in the midst of trials, troubles and tribulations. When I encounter roadblocks that threaten to hinder my dreams, I seek ways to resolve the challenges and carry on with intent and purpose. When you understand your divine purpose, you have the self awareness and wherewithal to challenge your challenges.

When you live in awareness, you know that it takes time and work for your dreams to manifest. It takes persistence and prayer, a sound mind and able body, belief in yourself, belief in your God and the power of spirit to guide your heart and your hand.. Believe in yourself. Pray to God for the spiritual guidance you need to keep going, even when you fail. If you stay focused, keep getting up and doing the work you’ve been called to do, you will see your dreams to fruition.

Had I listened to those negative voices inside my own head or heeded those outside naysayers who tried to prevent me from accomplishing my dreams, I probably wouldn’t be in this beautiful, blossoming space of authentic purpose that I’m in today.

Andre West wrote, “Don’t let the sun go down on your dreams, unless you choose to be a star!” Well, I’m no star, but I continue to live a gratifying life of blessings and humility.

Live you truths. Chase your dreams. Never give up… and always treat yourself special:)

Be Yourself!

1 Jun

FREEMANC_LZ059-o1GATA7_02Happy Monday, visionaries! So, today, I was in a zone, trying to tune out any and all distractions, while focusing on completing an article for my column in ME! Magazine, when I glimpsed a congratulatory email from LinkedIn. It’s a wonderful note from one of my LinkedIn connections, congratulating our 7 years here at Authentic Woman. Wow, it’s my Anniversary!

The one thing I want women to take away from Authentic Woman is to be yourself. Don’t allow anyone else to tell you how you should handle your dreams. Some folks like to take credit for the work you’ve always known you could do, but don’t let them. If you’re in need of guidance on your journey to greatness, there are qualified folks who can help you.

Make use of all of your gifts and talents, in every genre that you feel you want to explore. You are going to have many passions and one of those most definitely will lead you to your purpose.

I’ve written, published and been paid for penning poems since the 90s. One website, to this day, continues to publish my tired ole poems year round. I’ve had short stories and personal stories published in several books. I’ve co-authored a relationship book. I’ve written for and been paid by celebrity websites. I’ve been a nurse advice columnist, A features writer for a local newspaper and I’ve had my song lyrics win as Selected Artist and as Runner Up in the Songoftheyear songwriting competition. 

I’ve interviewed actresses, actors, filmmakers, fashion designers and bestselling authors and served as an American Correspondent for a London news and entertainment website. The accolades are the icing on the cake for these genres that I love to write for and it’s all been a labor of love wrapped in Carmel.

What I’ve been called to do with my purpose work, is Authentic Woman, and I hope to continue inspiring and empowering women voices for many seasons. My prayer is that we reach a bigger platform and that, too, seems imminent. When you do what you love, the love you put out will be returned in positive ways you could only imagine.


After 4 decades of living and learning from life experiences, I feel like a wise old bird:)
My daughter recently confirmed my dedication to be of service to other women when she said “Mom, I’m so proud of you. You just keep going.”

Well, this old bird is about to make plans for some much-needed R&R. I’m connecting with loved ones on our annual family reunion/vacation. See you right back here in 2 weeks.

Always treat yourselves special and stay golden.

I Got You…

25 May

thhonorHappy Memorial Day, women (men) of the world! It’s trying to rain on our celebratory day here in the Midwest, but we ain’t going out like that:) Please have a safe holiday set forth to honor and remember the service and sacrifice of our brave soldiers.

I’m intrigued by the promise behind the latest people phrase, “I got you”, because I think it says a lot about the human spirit and compassionate heart.

When we’re going through something, hearing from another person who tell you, “I hear you and I got your back”, can only serve to make our heavy load lighter. An act of caring can fill someone else with renewed hope and possibility.

It doesn’t matter what your troubles are, it’s important to remember that everyone needs someone when they are feeling down and discouraged. I was en-heartened by a recent tweet from a well-known actor, asking his fans for support in something that he was obviously going through, and who felt the need to reach out for help.The response was tremendous and uplifting!

It doesn’t matter who you are, what race you are, what your pedigree is or how spiritually aware you are; life troubles reach good people too. We all need a friendly shoulder to cry on, seek sound advice from, and regain renewed strength from, in order to keep going.

On this special Memorial Day and everyday, reach out to sow seeds of encouragement and compassion wherever you see need. Being a bridge over troubled waters is a beautiful thing. When we remember that it’s love that makes the world beautiful, we will be more apt to reach out in support and kinship. stock-photo-candid-shot-of-an-asian-mature-woman-hugs-and-consoling-her-crying-old-mother-at-outdoor-natural-149267576

“I Got You!”





Stay Golden…

Three Keys To Possibility

18 May




Happy Monday, women of purpose! I’ve been going over my notes for today’s’ post and I wanted to write about the  power of possibility. Life offers you a myriad of possibilities and opportunities. But, we have to stay optimistic, even through the setbacks and discouragement we’re bound to face. Remember Rome wasn’t built-in a day. And you will find success in your chosen endeavors. The three p’s I always incorporate into the healing phase of my purpose life, includes the resilience and comforting effects of constant prayer; putting into practice those things I believe in and persevering through the pain of disappointingly hard times.

thlong pIn the years leading up to my decision to end my career in nursing, my heart knew that the time to leave was inevitable and so I asked God every night to show me, in some small way, that I was on the right path to reclaiming my health, my happiness and ultimately, my life.

Needless to say, the way to my personal and professional redemption has been long and laborious, but I could not have the lifestyle that I have now, if not for prayer, continued practice and perseverance. I needed to remain open to the possibilities that my gifts, talents and skills afforded me. I also embraced the opportunity of more education and practice work that reached beyond the field of healthcare. I needed to share my purpose gifts with the world in the belief that my voice would plant a seed and make a positive difference to someone who needed to reap the harvest.

Where there is life, there is possibility. Where anything’s possible, it is for sure that opportunity will come knocking. I think when change comes into our lives, we automatically think of failure and setback and struggle. But, when we open ourselves to the possibility of something good coming from the muck of despair, the universe hears and opens the path leading to greater growth and prosperity.

Learn to separate your needs from your wants and make prayer your safe harbor. My reality of prayer is the knowing that “The Lord Is My Shepherd!” My faith comes by believing in something greater than myself and that when I pray, my prayers are answered.   When you believe in the power of prayer, the universe opens its spiritual wings to guide your steps.

That higher power we are taught to believe and trust in, is God, the father. Jehovah. Allah and Buddha. That higher power is whatever works in your life to make you spiritually aware and receptive to your blessings. I know that I don’t walk alone because my God got me.

thpurBelieve in yourself, in your dreams and, in your Gods’ gifts that are yours alone. In the words of the late poet, Gwendolyn Brooks, in response to some of my early works, “keep-A-going!” The lesson here? You never give up, even when you face hardship and difficulties.

Don’t give up the battle until you’ve done everything in your power to win the war. I am living proof that when you persevere through the trials and tribulations that comes from living life experiences, your life will be golden.


Stay optimistic and strong and always treat yourself special!

The Authentic Woman-Who Is She?

11 May

cutcaster-photo-100374963-Tribal-African-woman-with-headwrapThe authentic woman. Who is she? She’s me. She’s you. She’s every woman who has entered into the realm of reawakening to their greatest truths.

Hello women of substance. I hope your Mother’s Day was spectacular!  You know, I often receive Google searches for this site, asking what it means to be an authentic woman. So on today’s post, I want to shine a truth light in answer to what some of you might be asking yourselves in regards to living a lifestyle of authenticity.

Trying to stay on the path to living a life of positives and authentic truths is not without its challenges, but because you have made the choice to live a centered life of spiritual awareness, purpose and possibility, you will face and defeat your challenges as they occur.

When you are authentic, you’re living your life straight up, without “fake” certificates, where you bend with the wind when you’re trying to live up to some other person’s perception of who they feel you should be. When you’re being real with yourself and with others, you show that you are not a perfect being and own your stuff!If you don’t agree with something or someone, you will voice your opinion with respect and assertiveness. You are not a liar, backstabber or someone’s shadow. You are your own person and you’re happy being you.

Authentic women try to avoid the ‘clique’ mentality and fare better being true to themselves in a group of pretenders. Authentic women will keep it real with you and keep your confidence in a circle of gossips. When you’re living an authentic lifestyle, you live in awareness where you’re knowing that it’s not all about you,but it is about helping to make life better for someone else. Authentic folks don’t kiss and tell, as in sowing seeds to the less fortunate and then taking out a front page ad in the community newspaper, to boast about the great deed they’ve done.  Trust and believe that when you do good, the good you do will make itself known.

You are an authentic woman who lives a life of integrity and purpose. You’re compassionate and passionate about the rights of every human being, young and old. Black and White. Asian or African. You are a child’s advocate, an elder’s guardian and a woman’s voice of reason. You’re not immune to pain and sorrows of life, but, you’ve learned that it’s never good to settle into a place of misery. You know that bad things happen to good people and you trust and believe through faith, that God got you. You don’t judge others for their religious or spiritual beliefs. You know the value of forgiveness and letting go.

I’m always happiest when I’m helping women use their voice and walk in their “purpose” truths. Many emails have come to me from women on their path to experiencing an authentic change. They have questions and concerns about the choices they make. Questioning the unknown on an inevitable journey to re awakening is a normal reaction to change happening from within.

Believe in yourself and know that your path to ‘becoming’, is the journey that leads to your greatest ‘Self’.

th embrace




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