Women Motivation

Getting started!

Image by BTT-TV via Flickr

I’ve neglected this for far too long! we’re all here for a purpose and for a long time after a divorce, job loss, becoming an empty nester and suffering a traumatic love affair, I questioned God “why am I here?” “what else can happen to me?” admittedly, it took some time but, those gut wrenching questions were answered and I’m here to tell you…I’m the happiest woman in transition that I know! 

In 2006, I took up my writing again, after locking away my passion for/creating/producing/informing and hopefully entertaining others… my focus is clear. my purpose defined…to use my life experiences, life tools I’ve applied toward my own re-discovery in order for other women to envision/know that there is life after divorce, empty-nester, loss of job, broken love affair. I’m no psychiatrist/psychologist… and I don’t play one on tv..I’m a woman who have been put through the trenches of life experiences….a veteran nurse who have learned from the elders…a student who learned from readings of gifted scientists, wisdom of the elders, sages,spiritualists, mystics and great speakers of truth…a woman in transition, I come to share with other women the tools i’ve learned to navigate these sometimes stormy waters of midlife transitions.

We are viable, sexy, vibrant, intelligent, productive and in demand in a world where seemingly  women of a certain age becomes inconsequential…I’m here to tell you..don’t believe the hype. my work can be viewed at http://www.alumbo.com/cgi-bin/article/29155 as an introduction to Authentic Woman…

Come on back and let’s get this party started by making the 2nd, third, fourth phase of woman life…our best life yet!  I welcome your input…got questions? email me clarawriter@att.net



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