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this morning…

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I awake excited by the possibility of Authentic Woman…I’m knowing that women in midlife rock! I’m knowing that the time has come and many women are out here doing it in the name of women in transition. When I first began this journey into midlife, it came with many doubts, fears and a sense of restlessness. I was tired of being overloooked/taken for granted. tired of working for someone else without guarantee that I wouldn’t be terminated, or, worse case scenario? my job folding after 20 something years!

Starting over at midlife became a challenge not without its moments of ‘woe is me’ but, the first thing I learned is this: sitting home watching perfect people with their perfectly dramatic problems on scripted out Soaps wasn’t going to help me get my life back on track. My first life lesson: There’s no prince charming…no magic wand…God didn’t mean for you to take him literally when he said “wait on him”

Ladies, we have a gift…a god given gift, it’s called, the gift of intellect! Women in transition, the authentic woman…we’ve just begun!



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