Women Motivation

be stilled…

Chances are, if you’re a woman in midlife, you’ve probably experienced turmoil in your life… illness… loss. divorce/separation/grown children leaving home. job termination…love denied…if you’re a woman in transition, you’ve at times felt alone, lonely and abandoned. You’ve might have at some point questioned your reason for being. Perhaps, shied away from friends, family, acquaintences and locked yourself inside a virtual cocoon of misery…stop!

Adversity is part of life…life changes as we all know ‘nothing stays the same living life experiences’… so you’re a woman in midlife. you feel nothing is going well in your life right about now…who do you turn to? I don’t care if you’re a religious woman of a different belief… if you worship your budda, jehovah, kabbalah,soothsayer, or the God in the heavens…you turn your attention to the highest power in the universe … you make your needs known! I remember as a child growing up in the southern flatlands of a Mississippi Delta. My mother was a long suffering woman who took care of her children…worked the fields & tended to the needs of her husband …  but,always after fixing dinner, she’d steal away to take her bath (her only privacy time) 

She’d go into her bedroom, dressed in some flowery nightgown/get down on her knees, place her hands in prayer… speak softly, only her lips moving in silent reverence to her God… As we watched this ritual night after night, we knew to stay silent…that this time for our mother was her time, a special time with God…

Women in midlife, if you’re thinking that change is something to fear…that adversity cannot be reversed…don’t believe the hype! Stay with me here at Authentic Woman and we’ll navigate the stormy waters of change together. Don’t hesitate to pray to your higher power/make your needs known…’be stilled and come to know god”


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