Women Motivation

Leaving Your Comfort Zone…Are You Willing?

How many times have we heard conversations that go something like this? I envy young people, they seem to have no fear about anything…they just do.” Sound familiar? Why is it that people get to a certain age, they just want to leave it all to the young people? Why have we become sooo complacent when it comes to ‘being present’ in our own lives?

My next question…Are we happy with the life we’re living? or, at midlife, do we find ourselves asking…”Is this all it is, truly?” Well, the answer to this question will depend upon you, the woman/man in transition. Although the title of this blog is Authentic Woman, Men, I don’t discriminate! you can perhaps learn a few tools that you can apply to your own journey of rediscovering who you truly are at midlife and beyond…

It’s never too late to follow your passion (we’ll talk about passions often)…it’s never too late to recapture your dream, or, try something out of your norm. I like to tell a story of how a dear friend & colleague of mine had me in stitches as she related how at past 30- something she decided to try out for a well known sports team cheerleading squad!

There were many obstacles noted right up front: the women were much younger… 20 somethings, she was without proper cheerleader attire, which she borrowed from one of the girls …when she went to do a cheer/split…she couldn’t get up from the floor! the recounting of this true tale by my friend was both gutsy and hilarious, but, she went on to write about her adventures in cheerleading&got paid a pretty penny too! 

I like to tell this story, not to embarrass/humiliate my friend, more to illustrate to all women who think that they’re somehow “too old” that life is an adventure. But, to do the things you always loved to do, or, imagined doing…you must decide to leave your comfort zone…we’ll talk more about how to do that in Authentic Woman…stay with me.


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