Women Motivation

conquer your fears by learning how to navigate the waves…

Anytime we’re faced with the very idea of dealing with something new in our lives; The unknown, we began to imagine all sorts of horrible things happening…we’re acting on our fears! In the late 80s I decided to conquer my fear of driving…it wasn’t something I lost sleep over, but, because I was a young mother needing to get to my job…school functions…do household errands, common sense told me, “you’d better get over it already and get a grip on your fear”…

Let me tell you, for a country girl who should have been able to operate any mechanical contraption; it wasn’t happening…I wasn’t a girl who ever wanted to drive. For sure, I took Drivers Ed like most every teenager, but, somehow, I never felt sure of myself, or, in control when I took the wheel, so I gave it up…can’t miss it, right? wrong!

Like a lot of people, I grew up hearing how “there’s nothing to fear, but, fear itself!” If I was to do this thang, I needed a bit more push than that. I started reading the works of a wise pastor/spiritual advisor by the name of Norman Vincent Peale! took to carrying/reciting his faith based motivational phamplets nearly everywhere I went.

I remember taking the drivers test, nerves off the radar, doubts playing with my mind and yet, underneath the fear of the unknown…those inspiring words from a little book of affirmations…I passed the drivers test on the first run…you’re allowed three chances…

Since then, I’ve gotten over my fear of flying. At some point, I must have entertained that fear, those doubts, but, only for a moment…My initial thought when I’d face this obstacle was gee whiz, I could walk faster!

Anyhow, that’s how silly I felt my fears had been…Having to face the fears that comes on this journey into midlife will hit with the fierceness of an ocean’s tidal wave…Women in midlife, we must learn the tools needed to navigate those crippling waves.

Guy Finley, a motivational speaker/author puts fear in perspective when he tells us to learn how to “doubt the fear.” Fear has no power… no place in our lives. To doubt fear, therefore, renders fear powerless…stay with me here at Authentic Woman, let’s swim ashore together!


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