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You’re Not Alone

Sometimes when we’re going through ‘stuff’ we’re left thinking that we’re all alone…The thing to remember is this “you’re not alone”. You have friendships that have survived the tests of time..family members who you can turn to for sound advice, or, simply lend an ear. other women you’ve become acquainted with, who have been to that place where you’re about to embark…build an alliance with the armor of folks like these …take advantage of tools offered that will aid you on this journey of change…

I remember when I started my journey into midlife…there was a friend whom I’d met during the latter part of my teenage years…we had grown together, shared hopes & dreams , raised our children side by side and faced the turning tides of life upheavals together…she was/is a person I often refer to as my other sister…She helped to give me strength where I was lacking…she drove me to places I needed to be when I wasn’t focused enough to drive myself…

This journey is not meant to be navigated alone. Women in transition will fare much better when you have a solid friendship/base on which to lean on…’lean on me’ on your journey to self-awareness, self-love,re-discovery & connecting to your authenticity…I often told my children when they were younger how life was about change, what I failed to admit to them& to myself was that change can be a scary thang! it takes willpower, faith, work , strength from a higher power, true friendships and a firm belief in your ability to succeed…Come on back to Authentic Woman… let’s continue on our path…


2 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone”

  1. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m going through a divorce and it’s just starting to hit me. I feel like God is cutting a giant umbilical cord and telling me to connect now to Him. It’s scary. I do have support from a very special man who loves and adores me. So I thank God for shutting one door as He opens another. I thank God for supportive friends and fro strength to take positive life steps.


  2. Hi Christallin,

    thanx for visiting…you’ll find on this journey into the 2nd phase of living life experiences…that you’re never alone…no matter what trials/tribulations you might encounter…

    God is blessing you!


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