Women Motivation

No More Pity Party!

You’ve decided that there will be no more ‘woe is me’…no more pity party! Life happens and oftentimes when living life experiences, it’s going to happen to you…Know this: ‘This too shall pass!” of course, solving the mysteries and incorporating the tools needed to jump start our 2nd phase of life batteries is not such a small feat to accomplish…We are spiritual beings, but, we’re living a human existence…so our struggles in midlife will not be ones of ease… 

I remember thinking as I embarked upon this journey into transitioning at 46…” what in the world was happening to me?” It would take trial & error…disappointments & fortitude…research, prayer & understanding, before I came to the realization that…”Life was happening to me”…It’s going to happen to you… Don’t you want to be prepared?  Women in midlife, on a journey towards authenticity will become preplexed, angry and resentful…There’s always tomorrow.

There will be a pity party or two…we’re only human! Yet, at some point on their journey, women will gain a sense of clarity…focused & clear, purpose & passion will emerge …Wow, the endless possibilities awaiting you women of a certain age!! Come on back, let’s explore them here, at Authentic Woman…

I invite your input…we are, after all, a ‘family’ of women on a great treasure hunt…seeking answers to the question “Who are we, really.?”


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