Women Motivation

So What Do You Want To Do?

“Starting all over again…is gonna be rough…so rough, but we’re gonna make it!” Remember that song ? just a song, right? Yes, but, more importantly, it gives hope…It says that we’re gonna make it! Now that you’ve faced the reality of your situation, held on to your faith, gathered your alliances and faced down your fears, by doubting its very existence. there’s something I have to ask…The very question I needed to ask of myself before I could move forward.

“So what do you do with the rest of your life?” Woman in transition, you haven’t arrived until you’ve made choices that will better serve you in your 2nd phase of life. You’re on a journey, but, the decisions you make in regards to how you have chosen to live, will affect the outcome of your journey into midlife. You must be wise and choose well.

Why not start with how you’re feeling, right now. What changes would you like to make in your life, starting now?…Why not make a ‘bucket list’ of sorts? You might go with the premise of the movie by jotting down all of the things you’d always wanted to do, but, never got around to doing it… It doesn’t matter how small, for sure, because little things to others, might mean a big deal to us!

Maybe you’d like to share portions of your list here, with us at Authentic Woman…maybe we’ll all continue to share our way onward in the spirit of authenticity & reawakening …


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