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Unleash Your Passion!

I realize how I’m using more ! points here, but, bear with me…the message cannot be stressed enough that women in midlife must heed the call for action! learn how to live for themselves in this 2nd phase of life…

When I started to write my column ‘Women In Transition’ a year ago, it was because of the many women I’d encountered in and out of the workplace/women of different ages still/ who had questions and concerns about what they wanted for themselves as women…

Because I pride myself on being a good listener, compassionate & encouraging 🙂 I decided that instead of simply giving my feedback to these women, I’d speak on living life experiences as a bridge to all women, thus, “Women In Transition” was borne. The column began to take on a life ot its own as it referenced folks of all ages.

Authentic Woman, however, is intended to speak to women like me. Women who are in midlife. Women whose journey becomes one of peaks&valleys. It is a journey where we are reconnecting to ‘self’. Where women of a certain age must begin to open doors to their purpose/passion/wholeness &reawakenings.

I have met many a babyboomer woman who have begun to open themselves up to the possibility of what midlife have to offer them. One such woman is *Sherry. At 60, Sherry confided in how she’d always loved, but, somehow never took seriously, her love&gift for photography…She’s been taking pictures since a youngster just because she loved it so!

At my request/badgering really, Sherry agreed to show me some of her work…She brought several photo albums laden with beautiful illustrations/colorful ‘scenic’ natural shots/ waterfalls/ an ocean stillness/gallant peacocks striding proudly about… So many moments of beauty Sherry captured with her lens . I could envision her work hanging and being admired at some art exhibit!!… Sherry who travels to great places on vacation, has begun ‘showing’ her works and entering art competitions… 

What’s your passion? Your purpose? We’ll discover the very thing that causes immense joy/ that something only you can do right here… come along &Share. 

*indicates name change


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