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Financial Inventory

During the time I embarked upon the journey of rediscovery, there wasn’t an incessant need on my part to worry about how I was going to pay the bills. Yes, I’d lost a long term job, but the career choice I’d made enabled me to start over with a new position…The economy in these times are a tad more serious! Folks are losing their jobs at the speed of lightening, as businesses and financial banking institutions are closing & Govts taking over the enormous loans…This economic slump affects all of us, but most assuredly, the Babyboomers! Women in transition, we need to get our monies right…Began to take an account of our financial holdings, our debts/credits… We need to understand the pros and cons of financial sustainability and get out money house in order. I know, in most instances, that’s easier said than done.

Suze Orman, the financial wizard whose mission in life is to educate women on how to handle their finances, advises all of us to stop the credit card debt and began to use cash for purchases. If, according to Ms. Orman, you can’t afford to buy ‘it’ with cash, then, don’t buy it! You must decide ‘Need’ over ‘Want’…

This financial inventory is a must for all women. It DOESN’T matter if you’re single, married, retired, widowed, or, living as friends with benefits… our spending the way we’ve known it, must be curtailed. There are financial wizards out here; men women who can assist us in our quest to live debt free on this journey to authenticity…

Why not start with a book from your local library and began to empower yourself by learning how to manage your money. What you learn can be shared with us at Authentic Woman… so get informed ladies!


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