Women Motivation


This is a given…women want to look and feel good about themselves. They want others to note the freshness they exude in and out of the home… I was thinking about this in regards to keeping ourselves looking/smelling good in our personal lives. If you’re not liking a particular thing in regards to personal appearance, then, by all means get it checked out…

I’m always told even today at 50-something how I look good for my age…OK, but I’m knowing that looking good and feeling good about myself means taking care of myself. As an example…In my early 20s I took a medication which altered the enamel on my teeth, casting a discoloration upon the enamel. This cast a shadow over how I was feeling about my overall appearance.

There have been numerous dental visits for the upkeep of my teeth. Whitening procedures are very expensive…there are other areas one can look into to keep their smile pretty…Crest Whiting Strips/Rinses, along with regular cleaning from affordable dental visits…

I know I like feeling good about myself…A woman in transition that I am. An Authentic woman, I know that “cleanliness is next to godliness”… Authentic women want to look and feel good for themselves, as well as for others. It starts from the inside out.


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