Women Motivation

Saving the best for last…

Talk to any woman out there who have taken the journey into midlife transition only to come out onto the other side of finding herself…you’ll find a woman of authenticity! A woman who for the most part of her younger years spent them taking care of others, inclusive of husband, children home… those of us having to work outside of the household, were busy juggling a 2nd job pressure as well…

The first half of a woman’s life isn’t for her…it’s for all of those she has made the choice to place before her… Now, that she has come into this second phase of life, a woman in midlife reawakens to the factual notion that she is a person of importance!

Women are born multitaskers. We have been known to get the job done. Now, that we have been caregivers for people in our lives we love and cherish… Ladies, let’s cherish ourselves! We begin by learning how to use the tools available to us… Women in transition, let’s start the journey of taking care of ourselves, by putting God  and “self” first! Believe me, we’re not being selfish, only setting ourselves free…

I encourage a visit to Authentic Woman…contribute your thoughts as you start/finish your personal journey into midlife…You’ll come to find that you’re in the best place you’ve ever been in life… Let’s own it and become the woman we’ve always wanted to know!


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