Women Motivation


Ever have those day when you just don’t want to face someone, or something in your life that you’re knowing that you truly have to ? I have… The question remains, what to do about your avoidance issues? As women in midlife, we’re coming to terms with who we are. No longer are we afraid to ‘buck’ the system, or face down our perceived ‘enemies’

Refusal to tackle a difficult situation can weigh heavily upon us, if we haven’t embarked upon a journey of self-assurance, self-confidence and truth…We must have the confidence to address obstacles in our path, whether friend, family, or, foe. Women who are truth seekers cannot falter and cower in realizing their authenticity by living a life of pretense. There’s no room for avoidance when it comes to being you…the person you’ve always wanted to know.

Does someone on your job have an annoying habit of spreading untruths around the office? What to do when you can’t stomach gossip mongers, those folks who tell lies to cause pain to others & irks you to no end? Know many toxic people that might not know how they’re being perceived? How about facing a difficult job assignment, or, going to a conference/meeting where you have been tagged to give a speech? Are you willing to avoid the issues of that gossiper? Will you call in sick on the day you’re assigned an seemingly impossible task?  

I faced the dilemma of having to make a decision this morning. At 4:30 AM, I picked up my phone to call in sick to work…At 5:AM, I attempted to give it another go. Once again, I couldn’t bring myself to do so. You see, I knew that today was going to be for me one of the most grueling, exhausting and tedious workdays ever and it was!

I could have avoided what I knew I had to do and felt like a louse, or, I could have gone in to work and done the job to the best of my ability…came home exhausted, nerves totally shot, but, feeling good at all that I’d accompolished…as I write , one woman in midlife to all of you, I say, don’t take the easy way out…you’ll feel better in the end and give avoidance a swift kick in the butt!


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