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Surviving Divorce At Midlife

This is a take on what women in midlife face after divorce…I’d written in 2006 an article of the very same title to a woman’s journal for those women embarking upon their second phase of life, oftentimes without the man they thought would remain their life partner. I’m forever grateful to this woman editor who read between the lines of heartache, fear, uncertainty and a sense of apathy to find and encourage me to write it all out, without fear of consequence …without thought of ‘how it might look to others’…

Everyone of us is an individual…As Joel Osteen says, we are spiritual beings, living a human existence…that tells me, I have only myself and my God to answer to for any consquence my actions might create (speaking totally from  a standpoint of who I am eternally) obviously, I’m not about to go out & commit some unspeakable crime…

Embarking upon a journey of self-awareness, self-discovery and self-love has allowed me to take responsibility for my own happiness. I’m a woman in midlife who survived divorce, loss, empty-nester… I’m here at Authentic Woman to offer all women in transition courage in the face of a devastating lifestyle change… Want to share in the journey?… I invite your input.


2 thoughts on “Surviving Divorce At Midlife”

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