Women Motivation


When I was a younger woman, admittedly, I often awoke to start my day with an attitude problem. I was a classic sour grape. In hindsight, I’m knowing that how I approached the world was deeply influenced by what I contribute to all things “negative” in my life. Therefore, to combat anger, fear, disappointment and insecurity, I approached life from a position of being viewed as “pessimistic”

As maturity set in and I began to realize the importance of attitude, in regards to how I felt about myself, played a big part in determining my happiness. I’d began the journey of discovering that what makes me happy, ultimately becomes the basis of what makes those folk around me happy. 

Within the realm of everyday problems, the way we tend to face them, or, seemingly, conquer them, have a lot to do with  attitude in our approach. I, personally no longer tend to look on the doom&gloom of living life experiences , inclusive of all of those negatives that I constantly face. Instead, I’ve come to the realization that using a positive approach to figuring out a way to resolve problems work so much better… 

Women in transition like myself, don’t pretend to know the answers to all of the worlds’ problems. What we do know from experience? Coming from a place of correct attitude in our approach, seems to fare much better in finding a workable solution to any obstacle… Don’t you agree?


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