Women Motivation

What Women Want…

We’re asked the question often enough by relationship experts, talk show hosts and writers for glossy magazines…what do women want for real? Talking with women of various ages a year ago, I came to pen a piece with the same title about what women were seeking toward fulfillment in their personal & professional lives. In every response, the answers remained a constant: a good man…a better relationship with God…to be financially secure in order to take care of my children/families… All reasonable responses to be sure, a few of the younger women, however, did throw in the big house, more jewelry and a fine stud!

The focus for me in asking this question was based purely upon my need to understand the mindset of women, especially women of a certain age…the woman in midlife. Although I agreed with these women, I also wanted to impart that wisdom in decision making is an essential ingredient that women must incorporate into their lives in order to make better choices for themselves and their families.

Having monies is fine, but, unless one make sound financial decisions in regards to spending, investing, credit card usage…when stuff hit the fan like in today’s economy… And when it comes to finding ‘the one’ that man in your life who you’ve selected to trust with your most valuable possession, perhaps in the form of a child/your heart…ladies beware! give that man a checkup from the headup…find out what makes him tic…does he respect his mother/father/elders? How does he interact with children? You? Others?

Is he spiritual? Does he attempt to isolate you from your friends and family? Red flags…intuitiveness in relationships will save women a lot of heartache/troubles…What Do Women Want ? The question for women who’ve been there and done that should now become… What is it that women need to know  to aid their journey to rediscovery feeling happy&whole…


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