Women Motivation

A Winner Never Quit…A Quitter Just Never

You’ve heard the spill for sure! How  in essence a winner never quits…Such is the case for women of midlife who have started on a journey of rediscovering who they are… what they want…what they won’t accept from this day forth… what they hope to share with others…  who they were and what they hope to become… The authentic woman doesn’t have all the answers to life delimmas, but, it’s comforting to note that they’re not afraid to seek out solutions in life that work for them.

Ultimately,the answer to our happiness in the final phases of our lives, remains within us…Babyboomer women; women in transition; women in midlife; Women who have emerged from living life experiences wiser, motivated, passionate , whole… vowing to never give up!

Living life experiences can be discouraging to say the least. There are moments of doubt, despair, wondering… where we began to question our abilities, our passions, our purpose…It’s all good women, it’s all good! Let the doubts come but, continue the battle with determination, faith, with works…You’re sure to see a beacon of light somewhere in the distance…encouraging hands of accomplishment…saying “yes, you can!”

“Note to self, when dreams seemed unattainable!”


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