Women Motivation

Humor: A Necessity

It’s true as we continue the journey of midlife transitions, ladies we must make room for laughter! You know how “laughter makes the best medicine” for what ails you? Embrace it. Incorporate it into your regimen of living life experiences…Take a moment to lighten the load of responsibility placed upon your shoulders by poking fun at yourself; your situation. Top it all off by reminding yourself that there’s always tomorrow. Don’t give in to the notion that with age comes a sober, somber and nearly non-existant life…

As Scrooge would say, ‘Bah, humbug!” Recently, I went shopping for my grandchildren at one of my favorite retail stores…I happened to wander upon a women’s 50% off sales line…wow, was I happy!!! I ended up purchasing these to die for slick looking jeans…practically a steal. Got them home, tried them on and found myself bursting up in gales of laughter…They were the skinny jean!

I’m thinking that women of a certain age shouldn’t be wearing skinny jeans, but, they looked sooo darned good on my figure…After prancing about/posing this way &that in the full length mirror well within the confines of privacy, I even did a bit of that “beauty pageant wave”… 

After making a bit of merriment for myself, I finally peeled out of those babies, folded them neatly away in my closet and continued on with living the adventure of midlife transitions…I thought how folks might take it, a 50- something woman struting about in skinny jeans, looking like she’s not a day over 40…well, 45 for sure!

Hope your days are laughter laden…


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