Women Motivation

What Are You Thankful For?

Women in Midlife, what are you thankful for…have you even given it much thought? If you haven’t, now is the time. I’m reflecting upon how grateful I am to God/the Angels above/whatever higher power that floats your boat…Be grateful for how far you’ve come in this second phase of life. Thank him/her/however you percieve this magnificent power to be…give thanks for your health/strength/capacity to acertain/formulate/articulate/talk… walk… speak… love… reciporate… rejoice… laugh…cry…live. You get my meaning!

I awoke this morning feeling excited to be alive…to start the morning off here, sitting at my computer, ready for the inspiration I knew was forthcoming…I’m excited to join you here at Authentic Woman, to say; Women in transition…this is our time/a new day in the life!

Offer thanks for all things living life experiences bring: Good and bad; Bitter&sweet…remember tomorrow is another day to live out your dreams… your passions… your purpose. As the late Tupac Shukar often asked…”You feel me?”


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