Women Motivation

Testing The Dating Waters

It’s so exciting to know that single women in midlife have not given up on finding their “Mr Right!” because believe me he’s out there looking for you as well. It’s true that as we age women tend to think that they’re no longer attractive to members of the opposite sex… my advice to all women in transition who have the adacity to think so little of themselves? “DON’T believe the hype!”

Men still call me gorgeous…offer up compliments and go to great lengths to get to know me better…It’s how we think about ourselves…the confidence we have…the knowledge that we are enough… that we are embracing a life filled with new discovery, adventure and challenge.

When we exhibit a sense of self confidence, then men will want to get to know us… Now, that you’re ready to test the waters of dating again, ladies, remember to allow your authenticity to shine! Take it from an authentic woman who knows:)


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