Women Motivation

Hate Your Job? Find Your Career

Do you have a job? A Career? What’s the difference you might ask? not trying to get technical here, but, from where I’m sitting and yes, I’m sitting…I’m finding that I ‘m no longer feeling my job…that’s right, the day to day, humdrum, time clock punching job that I have doesn’t appeal to me anymore! I can see women out there with responsibilities. families. mortgage. bills… going, “she must be losing it, any job is better than no job.”

As a recession looms into a major depression, believe me, I’m well aware of what’s at stake if I decide to up and quit my job tomorrow, no matter how boring, stressful and emotionally crippling it becomes…but, then, because I’m well aware that this job makes me unhappy; I should be preparing to seek  other means of survival and how can I do that?

I’ve been formulating a plan. I’ve taken into account all that’s needed to start to buildup projects that allows for me to become the employer of me…freelance writing. I’m putting in long hours doing something that I love. that I enjoy sharing with others. that causes me to network with like minded folks. that brings me joy. that puts monies in my pocket( perhaps in bits & spurts) but, hey Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The point is, women in transition…I’m working at a job, giving my all to my employer in exchange for a decent paycheck that allows me food on my table, clothes on my back, a roof over my head… but, I’m knowing that this job is not my passion, my purpose, my reason for being. On this journey, at this second phase of my life…I damn well am going to make it the best years of my life!

What’s on your midlife agenda ? Are you loving your job? Is it your passion? your purpose?  if not, what you gonna do about it?


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