Women Motivation

Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Mr.”Right Now”

Ok, ladies, I’m knowing all too well the dilemma of being babyboomer women on a journey of midlife transitions, tempted to give in to Mr. Right Now, as opposed to holding out for Mr. Right… We are first and foremost, living, breathing creatures of femininity who love being in love and having someone love us in return…we love the romanticism of falling in love… what better time of the year than this season to meet the man of our dreams? Before you begin to embark upon yet, another change in the life of midlife discovery…Listen up! As one friend puts it, “it’s cold out there and we need us a “cuddle buddy”…truer words have never been spoken, yet, I’m not one to advise getting  cozy with a Mr. Right Now, as opposed to making this time a fun time for you and those “sista” friends not so unlike you.

In other words, ladies, keep your priorities straight as the season for love dawns, but by all means, have fun and make your own Holiday memories… I’m sure, if you’re reading this, you know the ways to making yourself feel good about yourself…I personally like the melodic christmas songs, watching sappy tearjerker movies, holding intimate tete-a-tete’s with my girls, having a glass of bubbly while visualizing the days to come and capping off  these feel good times in a warm, fragrant bath of hydrotherapy oils. If that’s not working for you. Dress to the nines and get yourself invited to the ‘in’ party of the season . There are sure to be some single men about. 

Before you know it, single women in midlife…you’re back on track. And who knows, your ” Mr. Right”  will meet you somewhere in the middle as you remain your authentic self…


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