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“Good Works”

I’ve been thinking on New Years and the resolutions we often strive to focus upon with the dawning of a brand new year. The year 2009 hopefully will be filled with an abundance of love for our fellow man, woman; our children. I’m not one to make a yearly resolution of sorts when it comes to my personal life. What I’ve hoped for…prayed for and worked for in some form or another, is peace, understanding, compassion, encouragement, faith with less despair, pain, needless suffering, greed, jealousy and envy…

A tall order I know, given that we are spiritual being living a HUMAN existence…but, I think/believe in the good of all people (I know there are a lot of folks who disagree) but it is a fantasy I’d like to think could become reality. I don’t resolve to quit smoking, lose weight , perhaps like many folks… or gain weight, a longtime ideal for defining my personal sex appeal 🙂 and I don’t strive to become rich, or famous.

I do resolve to continue to do “good works”…It is what drives me to offer encouragement in the face of doubts/disappointments. I try to work on being more patient in a sometimes ‘impatient world’…I hope to continue to speak from a place of humility and compassion. I hope women in midlife who have started on a journey of uncertainty can somehow come to know the true beauty that living an authentic life has to offer…

This New Year I’m wishing upon a star for Good health, habits, happiness and good works for everyone…

Happy New Year to ALL!


2 thoughts on ““Good Works””

  1. I’m on a mission to do good works too and to stay encouraged personally. I have declared 2009 as “my time” and my works will be blessed because of the good works I do for others. I wish you many blessings on your good works mission.


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