Image by unloveablesteve via Flickr

I’m feeling sooo good right now…today is a great day for networking& making new friends, online & off. I’m feeling almost how I felt the morning I woke up to start Authentic Woman here at wordpress:) I don’t live my life in a cocoon, where I’m hoping that good things happen. Since my divorce and some hard lessons learned along the way, I’ve come to know that: Life is what you make of it. It’s how you perceive life experiences. how you tackle the problems, achieve solutions and find ways to inspire others to do the same in their situations, that makes “Life” interesting.

As my adult dtr. would say, “Mom, it is what it is.” I love that original quote (you heard it here first) sooo much that I’ve incorporated it into how I continue to make Authentic Woman a great source of information for women in midlife and for all women who might need tools to jumpstart their passions, purpose, and appreciation for living life experiences…It’s not always sooo good,but,”it is what it is”

What are you going to do about the rest of your life?