The movie, He’s Just Not That Into You, based upon the best selling book will hit theatres this week…the thing about the book is that it was written by a man! Yes, ladies, a man. I’m thinking, who better to give us women an insight into the very psyche of the male species, right? Of course, one man’s viewpoints when it comes to the power of love relationships isn’t necessarily written in stone. The dating rules as women in transition have come to know, can & oftentimes does change in the blink of an eye. It’s all about ‘feelings’…

As in “is he truly digging on you, or, is this a total sexual, no strings attached sort of deal?” In the movie, which I haven’t seen, there will be several signs noting whether the man is really into you or, not. Has he given you his cellphone number, opposed to his house phone. Does he only communicate via emails? Hmmmm, now, I’m beginning to wonder here:)

Food for thought truly, as we come to yet another phase in life experiences as single mature women on a mission to living an authentic life. Happy & healthy dating, all!