Women Motivation

Allowing Your Past To Shape Your Future

Sometimes women in midlife who have endured hardship, struggle and pain just want to erase all of those bad memories out of their mind…start over and reconstruct a life without all of that drama…I tend to think that this cleansing is a great reasoning of thought in order to start a journey of re-discovery…up to a point! 

You see, in hindsight, I’ve come to know that some of that “stuff'” hidden atop my proverbial shelf in my closets, needed to be uncovered…let out of its hiding place. You might wonder why I’d relish the thought of reliving painful situations?

It’s only by learning to deal with the ghosts in our past, that we can come to terms with forging ahead with our futures:) It’s not a healthy thing to want to hide your feeling. As we age, we journey into awareness where we’re willing to embrace where we’ve been.

Living life experiences have taught me that life is fleeting. It is a timable on an invisible clock of mortality. Should we as women in transition, live our lives afraid of confronting our past , inclusive of mistakes, heartaches & bad decision making?

Nooo maam…We are human being, capable of making poor judgement calls, however, it’s how we plan to shape our futures in the remainder of a lifetime, that truly defines our authenticity!

Welcome ladies to a New Year…a new, enlightened you…


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