Women Motivation

Friendships without agendas

Saddens me to say, but somewhere along the journey of midlife transitions, you’re going to have to reconsider your friendships and what it brings into this time of enlightenment & self discovery taking place inside of you. Friends whom you’ve known for years will start to question why it is that you do things differently; why you’re no longer willing to accept things as they were…


Take heart ladies! The journey into midlife will happen for them eventually, bringing understanding and clarity on the journey to passion and purpose.

Whether others chose to take the road leading to authenticity or one steeped in denial and sameness…  it’s their call. Friends will come into your life for a time, before making their exist. Thank God for their having graced your presence for a season, but like love; sometimes friends will take their leave. Keep your heart positive and open so that more authentic folks will come into that space of your life.

Lifelong friendships will sustain your midlife transitions, as your friendship will sustain theirs. As woman living the 2nd phase of life’s journey, we will lose friendships that perhaps, added what was needed in our lives at the time but,  we will gain new friendships that come without agendas . I don’t bemoan friendships lost and I can only wish them well…So should you.


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