Women Motivation

Can women have it all?

Of course we can! Seriously, women, we can have whatever we set our mind & hearts on…also by implementing tools needed to obtain goals we’re envisioning . The question remains… are we doing it for ourselves?

In this world of economic deprivation & trust. What are women in midlife to do with the remainder of their lives & still feel a sense of accomplishment? Some of us have decided to continue our education by going back to school to get several degrees in hope of rebuilding a sense of self-importance.

Some of us have decided to find the man whom we’ve deemed our “Mr. Right”, hopefully, one of financial security and marry him. Perhaps, giving up our dreams& passions, somewhere along the way.

Then, there are the babyboomers who have decided to ‘settle’ for what we can get. As in, I’m going to “just exist day by day, because there’s nothing better for me to do”

Women, get a grip! Life is beckoning you to live the remainder of your life doing what you want to do, without a sense of urgency. Why should you rush into living your life experiences on some timeable & not on your own terms? If you want to go back to school, by all means do so. Be aware, that the choices you make in your life should be because it pleases you…

If you remarry, do so because you’ve found a man worthy of you. Not because you feel time is of the essence.Whatever you do, do it in the name of staying true to the authentic woman that you are…

Can women truly have it all! Professor Jill Biden seems to think so as the wife of the vice president of the USA states, “I can do it all!”  Women in transition,  authentic woman; so can you!


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