I received a great compliment today from a wonderful & insightful poet/ minister of God’s word. He said in the times of personal upheaval as the conversation bordered on human woes, that I had “a simple way of arriving at ‘truth’. Of course, I’m paraphrasing a bit but, the bottom line was that “Truth Seeking” was the basis of his compliment.

As women in transition, we will have to let go of superficial things. We will need to focus upon the reality of living life experiences. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we’re knocked down & ruled out of there…but, and I stresssed this to my new friend in spirituality, we must know that “If Jesus can’t fix it, nobody can!”

In other words, live your life with expectancy. Expect that higher benovolence to lead you through the ups & downs of livng life. We’re all spiritual beings living a human existence…what more is there to say?

Women in transition, authentic woman, take heed & live your life accordingly…