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Keeping your head up during “Economic” decline

It’s hard out here…yes it is! With an seemingly spiralling out of control economic crisis, folks are suffering. According to reports the loss of jobs have reached an epidemic 8.1%…what are folks to do? More to the point of this column, what are women in transition to do? Oftentimes because we’re left to raise our children alone, or, taken on the added responsibility of having to care for our elderly parents, we’re feeling the pinch of trying to survive here…

What our president & govt advises is: Do not panic…that’s all well and good. But, for those of us living a reality of impending joblessness, we have to hit the pavement running. Get a jumpstart on finding jobs by updating resumes…cold callling & persistence. Donald Trump advises moving to cities with less unemployment rates…Perhaps something you’d consider? 

Other alternatives are taking a leap of faith & starting your own business. Ask yourself ,what am I great at? What do folks associate me with? What’s in demand that I have a knack to deliver? Cooking delicious meals? Baking delectable sweets? Taking great pictures? Do you have extra rooms to rent in your home to help stay the cost of living? (screen folks carefully when you consider this) Writing resumes/letters/reports?… you get the gist of what I’m proposing? There are things women in transition can do to supplement their income while this economic crisis looms…Use the power of positive thinking with that of motivating actions to find your solution.

Are you creative? Do you own a computer? Go online & search for work at home jobs…Be aware of scams because they’re online in abundance…Never pay someone to work for them:)

Remember, ladies. you are living an authentic life & this too shall pass…


2 thoughts on “Keeping your head up during “Economic” decline”

  1. Hey Linda, thanks for visiting/commenting. just read your intro to The Joy Of Job Loss & yes, I think your book truly will help others in the same predictament…
    I haven’t lost my present job, but, was unemployed for nearly a year in 2000. At “authentic woman” I speak to other women from a place of living ‘life experiences’…

    Good luck in all endeavors..


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