Diagnosis V 2

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Are you an “authentic woman?” Are you on a journey to authenticity? Are you living & learning from life experiences? How are you handling this lifetime change? As a woman in transition I’ve learned that life is what you make it…Life offers you choices! You can choose to be happy, or, sad. You can choose to live a life of “what ifs?”…Beyond the medical diagnosis & social and economic conditions that hampers our existence, solutions to problems can be found when living an authentic lifestyle.

As I continue to write from a place of “authenticity” in hopes of informing, encouraging & providing inspirations to those women who have yet to embark upon their journey, or who are in the throes of living their 2nd phase of life…finding the going a bit rocky…to become aware that it’s only “life happening” a scary thing for sure… change.  Be assured, you will reach the journey’s end to embracing  & discovering your ‘true’ self .

I invite other women in midlife to share the story of their own journey into living life experiences, inclusive of : fears, faith, joys , highs & lows, questions, lessons… right here at “Authentic Woman”…

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