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Spring Has Sprung!

The first day of Spring brings about sunshine, clarity and a new resolve to rid myself of all the clutter that have found itself into my space these last months of winter weather blahs… I’m focused on the ‘positives’ & to heck with the rest.

How about you women in transition? What clutter have you decided to rid yourself of? The pains of lost loves…lost friendships…loss of jobs? Think positive & act upon your next course of action in these hard times…believe wholeheartedly that there is light beyond the horizon of devastation & loss…

Folks are heading to the gym to work off those extra unwanted pounds …many are concentrating on cardio workouts, incorporating health drinks into their diets to boost their energy levels & provide the proper servings of fruits & vegetables the body needs to maintain itself as an alternative to empty vitamin supplements (consult your physician to become familiar with these supplements) Cardio workouts can help keep the heart healthy…

15 minutes a day devoted to “quiet” time just for you can keep the mind sharp. Reconnect “you” to your spiritual ‘self’ and keep you centered…


2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung!”

  1. Spring brings so many cravings! In my case I long for relaxation, for finding out the space among the clutter of it all. I long for doing artsy things and sort of running away adventurously. 🙂 Spring brings a lot of light and optimism in me. So I tend to do more things these days, since it is easier to get into a productive mood with all the tiny joys of sunshine and flowers.

    Nice post!


  2. Hey you:)

    Yes, Spring is meant to be enjoyed…go out and live life like it’s golden!(A wonderful singer is responsible for saying this gem)

    Love the interesting stuff on your site!


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