Women Motivation

It’s Your Life…Your Call

Are you a woman with a thick skin? Or, do you buckle under pressure? One thing to be learned on this journey into self-awareness that comes from living life experiences…Not everyone will have your best interest at heart…sadly, sometimes even friends, family & long time associates can lead you astray. 

It’s a test really, of how determined you are to follow the path you’ve chosen for yourself , regardless of who it might disappoint. I’m a prime example of how not to listen to others when it comes to making a personal choice in how you envision your life to be.

Two years ago, I was advised on how not to embark upon my freelance writing path, because, I was basically known for being a nurse…My question became, “Why can’t I be both?” as I continued to work toward my goal of starting my freelance writing dream…

Today, I’ve published articles for several print magazines…Written copy for a celebrity gossip site, gotten great response from my two blogs…Write a column for Chicago women’s examiner as their Woman’s examiner…interviewed a well known New Zealand author, a Chicago filmmaker & only recently been granted an  interview with a well known actress& filmmaker from California…

Women In transition, I tell you some of the highlights of my world to encourage you to always follow your own path in life. You might bruise a few egos, lose well meaning ‘friends’ & upset some family member’s applecart, but, in the end…the choice becomes yours to make…

And it sure feels good:)


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