Women Motivation

Good and Evil…

I saw an interesting debate the other evening between a spiritual & motivational author, men of the cloth & a former prositute as they debated if Satan was real. I admit I believe so much in the teachings of The Holy Bible as it relates to “us”. As I look around to bear witness to those things unexplained & the very existence of the makings of the natural habitat in which we exist; flowers, trees, rivers, oceans, rains, snow,the moon, the sky, a rainbow; nature intuitive changes as the seasons change: i am humbled to bear witness to the bible’s teachings “In the beginning, God created the heavens & the earth.”

Maybe because of my southern upbringing but, the original  teachings of The King James Bible fuels me…Now, if in fact, I am to believe that there is a God, then naturally, I’m inclined to believe that there is Satan as well…although for me, this Satan exists as “evil” exists, in its strong presence,  inclusive of hate & hate filled tendencies that causes vicious & conscious ill will, malice & disregard for others, its false teachings & prophesies, its subtle brainwashing that pits one religion against another…Satan is alive & well, as this ‘evil’ fights to gain equal footing with the benevolence of a higher & forgiving, protecting (The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want) power.I think the best course for me living a spiritual existence is to stay the course of my beliefs & not offer judgement against what others might believe. 

The visual image of horns, burning flames, long tail& pitchfork, doesn’t define Satan’s existence to me. It’s so much more than images…Just as God is so much more … which will continue to be cause for debate amongst esteemed folks with knowledge that surpasses the simple truths that works for me… as I continue on this journey to ‘authentic woman’


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