I’ve spoken to quite a few women over the years who have admitted to not living up to their full potential & following their dreams because “they are afraid of success” Now, before you think that this is non-sense, let us explore how women are in essence made, as opposed to men. We all know that women are nuturers, that we’ve maintained this notion throughout our lives how we’re caregivers. We soothe the hurts , pains & disappointment of loved ones by making ourselves available to provide comfort…as in the way to a man’s heart…

Men are considered the protectors who basically provide safe haven in the form of food, clothing, shelter…Believe it, or not…many women still think this way, albiet its so not the reality… Women who have become productive members of our society still harbor the fear of success, because they don’t want the attention that success brings, or, they are fearful of change.

It’s time to get over it, period. If you’re a woman harboring a dream, a passion, know your  purpose…get to your mission…you’ve wasted enough time being idle & wishing!