Women Motivation

When You Know You Have Something To Offer…

Do you quit during moments of frustration? When that devil sits on one side whispering discouraging reasons in your ear, or do you plow doggedly on as you listen to the voice of purpose, passion & reasons from your god whispering in your other ear?

It seems the battle continues between good & evil…right & wrong…I can, I can’t & questions of “what am I doing, or, “who am I to think I can do this thing that pushes me onward in times of doubt& uncertainty?  

It is  precisely those times when women in transition must arm themselves with confidence,deligence,patience and fortitude. It is the awareness, the  knowing that challenges will come…. The journey to authenticity is not a casual walk in the park.

In the words of Norman Vincent Peale “You can if you think you can!.”


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