Women Motivation

Putting your Boldness Foward In Relationships

When women are being bold in relationships, we’re often called too forward or, agressive. With men it’s the opposite as they are often seen as decisive, or, labeled ‘a real man’…Boldness plays a big part in how women choose a partner. It’s knowing what you won’t accept as opposed to what you will…

Consider this: Do you recognize red flags in your guy and just decide to pretend you didn’t? How about this: Do you make your needs known in your relationship, or do you simply ‘go with the flow?’ One thing women of a certain age have learned on their journey of re-discovery& reawakening is that ‘men will treat you the way you allow  yourself be treated’.

Starting out in a new relationship we all want to put our best selves forward…There’s nothing wrong with this idealism, but how about not only putting our best selves out there but, putting our ‘real’ selves out there as well? Keeping it real in relationships is a big step to making your togetherness an everlasting one.

Women, don’t front… be true to yourself & if he’s just not the ‘one’, rid yourself of the pretense…true love doesn’t deceive.


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