Women Motivation

Women Getting Creative…

The last eight years haven’t been good financially for folks living in America. Let’s face it, this economic downslide isn’t a sudden or ‘brand new’ occurrence. It’s the aftermath of poor Governing & plain ole greed… Now, the rich folks are suffering right alongside the poor. Women in this whole scenario of economic fallout, have seemingly caught the brunt of it all, having to come up with creative ways to sustain their livelihood & their families.

First know that women back in the days of our mothers found ways to feed their families by trying different avenues for survival… some successful, some not. The gist of it? You must try: If you’re lucky enough to still have a job, save monies by taking a bag lunch. Cooking? Prepare enough to tide you over for the next day, or two…Chicken, creatively can become tacos, or, a hearty soup. Ground beef used for tacos, chili & spaghetti dinners. Make your own garlic breads for these meals …clip & save on shopping for foods.

Drive? Carpool yours&your neighbors kid while they spend quality time doing whatever…switch the script. Take the elderly shopping in exchange for fresh garden vegetables. Better still, grow your own. Barter for your services . Take into account the restauranteer gettting free dental work in exchange for his dentist eating free meals at his establishment.

There are things women can do in this year of economic crisis to provide for their families & live above the poverty line…Women it’s time to put what your mama taught you into action…


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