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Do You Like Your Body?

Sounds personal doesn’t it? But, believe it or not, many women despair over how their bodies are perceived by others. And its no wonder as we take into account a worldview of  “beauty” How America places value on modeling themselves after what TV & advertisers have proclaimed as law… The false notion that ‘thin is in’ and curves are for the brave at heart… Actually its when women speak up & let the world know they are beautiful, no matter their size, that perhaps the perception of women body image will change…

I’m thin & I’d tried over the years to gain poundage in all those “right” places, if not for my own self esteem, then for the men because, “Men don’t like bones” remember that one? well I grew up with that mindset and the obtuse belief that I somehow needed to gain weight to gain a man’s affection.

It”s only through gaining self-awareness and the confidence to allow my true self to shine that I came to know myself and myself is “enough” because I am comfortable in the body I’ve been blessed to have. I’m am no longer overly concerned with what the men like, per se, it’s more about what I like and ladies, I like my body. Offer me a few pounds free of charge? Gladly, I’ll accept them. However, I’m not EVER going to allow a society’s view of ‘Beauty” define me…I’m not giving them the pleasure of taking my power .

I’m me. I’m free and I’m proud to be shaking what the good Lord allowed my mama to give me! What about you ladies?  Are you loving your bodies?


2 thoughts on “Do You Like Your Body?”

  1. I would have to agree that many women despair over how their bodies are perceived by others. I know I did. Like you once upon a time, I wanted ‘poundage’ Now I’d like to give some away! I wrote a similar post called, The Body Magic. I conclude that post by saying I realize I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. I still have to remind myself. 🙂


    1. Hi Timi, welcome. I love the dialogue over at your blog! Gurl, I no longer waste energy over what a man thinks about my body. That concern went the way of dishwater years ago:) our generational women will eventually get the memo. It take living and learning from life experiences for women to live their truths and love themselves as they are, because we are one of a kind- I’m of the mantra that Ms. Vanzant uttered years ago,”I am enough!”

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