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When Mothers Are Missing…

 I ‘m at my computer looking at a portriat of my mother, as I’m prone to do from time to time. It is a well guarded photograph of her. An image capturing a happy moment, as she smiles into the camera lens. It is a copy of a photo that my brothers ,sisters and I refuse to share with the world, simply because she’s our mom.

Many of you, like me will not have your mother in person for a warm & loving embrace… to wish a happy Mothers Day. It is for you that I write of remembrances. Places to go to within yourselves to remember ‘mama’ on days like Mother Days when our mothers are missing.

Know this: You might be catagorized as a ‘motherless child’ but you’re never truly without your mother. She is you… She is your child… She is the uncanny resemblance of a stranger. She is always within the realms of your fondest memories. Your mother maybe missing in person on those special Mother Days, but always know she’s never missing in spirit…

Have a Happy Mothers Day authentic woman… spend it with the ones you love…


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