Women Motivation

Are you a babyboomer caregiver?

It happens because life happens. Babyboomer women are living longer and so are their parents. It begs the question: How do I cope? Where can I turn to get help? When women in midlife have to become responsible for their oftentimes ailing , elderly parents, stress of day to day coping mechanisms abounds. If a child of an elderly parent cannot afford around the clock care, there are Nursing facilities, Senior citizens & assisted living facilities that provides managed care for the elderly.

If it comes to having to place a parent in one of these facilities, the child must not harbor a feeling of ‘guilt’. It’s a job 24/7 having to care for an elderly person… parent or not and with women in midlife having families of their own to care for, the added stress of caring for their parents might not be the best option.

When a decision is made to seek outside sources for support & care of an elderly parent, the child will do well to investigate all avenues available & choose what feels right in regards to upkeep & cleanliness of the facility’s environment, safety, caring personnel, accessible medical personnel & suitable financial acceptability.

As women in transition age. Our parents age as well, only, they become dependent upon the decisions we make as their children in regards to their safety & well being. Choose well in your decision making & live your authentic life without regret, or remorse …


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