Women Motivation

Women Facing Workplace Bullying

It’s hard out here for a woman in the workplace. Consider that we’re lucky to be among the ones still working in today’s economic decline. It’s a blessing really, isn’t it? But, there can be a downside for women in the workplace who have to put up with bullying from their employer, or some little indian chief, just because…

Research indicate that in most jobs where women are employers & bullies, they have at some point in their lives been bullied. How do you cope when everyday on the job becomes a day of ‘drama’ with your supervisor? One way to protect yourself is to document any occurrences between you & your employer so that there is collective evidence on hand if you need to take the matter further.

If you’re a woman who think that confronting your abuser in hopes of reaching out to her/his compassionate side could help diffuse a situation then by all means, ask to speak to her/him, and lay out your concerns. Who knows, maybe said employer isn’t aware of the effects from her bullying tactics …

Women who tend to have supervisor on their name tag & sign your paychecks might feel entitled to treat her employees badly. In some cases it’s the wielding of power that spurs her on. That person needs professional help to find out why she takes pleasure from being  an ‘ass’… I’ve come to the conclusion that many women in a position of authority forget that respect is earned & that “you must give respect in order to get respect.” 

Women in the workplace, do not take abuse from your employer… female or no. Let it be known in no uncertain terms that you are a human being first & an employee second and for your own protection, document…document…document… It’s an authentic way to protect yourself on any job where you feel threatened.


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