Women Motivation

Rehashing Old Hurts…

Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it that causes another person pain. In turn that person’s pain can simmer & fest into areas of unkind thoughts, deeds and alienation if someone doesn’t alter the course of hurt feelings.

Siblings are an example of how words spoken in anger can cause the injured party to turn aside their bond of kinship & start along a course of nitpicking, competing for folks to take sides and just plain ole acting out in ‘ugly ways.’ Life is short folks and it’s time to stop the madness! (Don’t you think we have enough misery in living life experiences without going through life miserable & wishing misery upon another person?)


If you or someone you know is walking around with slighted feeling, or bottled up anger against someone else, please take the high road and forgive them their transgressions…And if you’re just not ready to reconcile with the offender, pray for yourself, for them and wish them well, but NEVER lay down before asking God for mercy; for you and for that other person as well… Authenticity begins with you…


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