Women Motivation

Feeling Defeated

Those are the days when you’re left feeling like no one’s in your corner. That you’re fighting seemingly a losing battle all alone. I think that women in general and those of a certain age have been placed in this situation many a time only to ask what’s next? What else can happen to me or why am I the only one feeling maligned & abused?

It doesn’t matter under what venue; job, home, private sector , church or just between friends- there is hope for the hopeless. I’ve been a nurse for many years and it still amazes me how those in some sort of ‘supervisor’ position somehow manages to make it their mission to make others feel ‘small’. It’s a neverending battle, wouldn’t you agree? Women have put up with a lot of stuff only because they’ve felt there was no other choice.

I’ve got news…there’s a choice. Legislations are being put into place that will ensure some sort of protection in the workplace. Seminars & classes geared around bullying are out there for individual in crisis, those who find themselves victim & those who does the crime of violating your civil rights.

Women have like the Virginia Slims cigeratte ad of long ago ‘come a long way’ oh, but we truly have a way to go when it comes to standing firm for our rights. An authentic woman stands her ground. The days that seem endless & long will come to pass and if she keep on keeping on, she with the help of an unseen hand will emerge the victory.


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