Women Motivation

Women Speak!

Today it’s your turn. Your turn to tell me what’s on your mind? I’m a woman living & learning from life experiences. Perhaps many of you haven’t come to that fork in the road where you’ve chosen to take the road less traveled, broken away from what’s expected and gone for the unknown… I’m here to tell you, life is filled with ‘unknowns’. Are we to continue to live life stifled by our comfort zones?

What are your desires, passions, fears? Women from all walks of life have them. Kudos to those who have learned life lessons on how to conquer those insidious doubts that knaws at us and somehow makes us believe the hype that we’re better off staying where we are in life& Forget about what’s on the other side of fear. Are you much better off staying on this side of your “green?” Ladies, only you can answer that.

In 2000, I was forced to wake up from a sleep of indecisiveness, sameness & feelings of isolation, the knowing that there must be something better out there that I should be doing…something I was missing because I’d allowed my true self to stay hidden & buried. My passion to help other folks. My need to write. My love for life. My desire for a more happy & productive existence. The urge to reach back & extend a helping hand to other women living life uncertain & afraid of the “unknown” .

My life is constantly evolving, hitting highs & lows. And I welcome the intrusions because it’s only life speaking. Women of authentic longings, what will you do when you encounter that fork in the road of your life?


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