Women Motivation

When You Find Your Wings…

You’ll take flight & soar! Ladies in midlife transitions, how I believe that your second phase of life will soar once you’ve learned to embrace your authentic self. Authenticity becomes your truth and your truth will cause your fears to fall free. I remember just months ago wondering whether I should continue here at wisewoman2 because it seemed no one was listening…

Well, stats can be preplexing because for many mornings my words appeared to lay dormant upon the page, but on one particular day, over 300 views had been recorded, as if to say, “keep writing, you know your purpose is for the betterment of women who might need an insight into surviving life’s rough terrain from someone like yourself”… someone who have been face down in the trenches of everything not nice, only to rise up to face the challenge to sow seeds of encouragement another day.

Living life experiences can be best handled in small measures, day by day. Keep living. Keep surviving. Keep learning& applying the tools to mastering life experiences along the way and women you’ll find you’ll take flight & soar…


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