Women Motivation

Motivation VS Procrastination

Women in transition…Authentic woman…Ask yourself this question. “Are you a motivated woman or a woman who procrastinates?” Let’s be real here, there have been many a time where I’ve not wanted or felt inclined to lift a finger to ‘do’ or ‘be’ anything at some space in time of living life experiences and that’s ok , really it is, if you’re knowing that this languished period of nothingness must not endure…

Consider this: The LORD worked hard creating the world, but even he rested on the 7th day! Ya feel me? What I’m basically saying is women living & surviving life experiences need to take time out to smell the fragrance; Experience stilled waters & find ways to rejuvenate their worn body & spirit…But, don’t go getting it twisted and become stagnate. Lose your zest for creativity. Do the work you’re destined to do & feel go0d about living life as a woman of substance!

BTW: I’ve been acutely aware of my self-procrastination these past days, but, I’m determined to drop kick the lack of motivation that threatens my creative nature & invades my space…What say you, how do you fight off those bothersome procrastination woes?


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