Women Motivation

The Man In Your Life…

The frantic call came while I was at work. During my 15 minute break, but that’s ok because getting this frantic call from a woman & co-worker on the job made me want to stop to reflect upon relationships and ask of women: Does the man in your life make you happy? or, Does he cause you pain?

The call came at a time where this woman needed help in finding a place to rest. You see, she was in an abusive relationship & she’d spoken often about her needing to get away & find a place for herself and her two small children. That she was tired of not being happy. Of being in constant battle with the man in her life… An accomplished & professional woman who was very good on the job, yet, a woman in misery who suffered from low self-esteem brought on, in part by the man she’d undoubtedly loved for the last decade .

Women in distress from abusive relationships come in all ages, colors & professions.  Accomplished women, adapt at business but, inept in taking control of their lives. So, the question remains: Does the man in your life make you happy? or, are you living a life of misery?

Consider Lauren Hill’s: “What you want might make you cry. What you need might pass you by, if YOU  don’t catch it…”


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