Women Motivation

Women Having Those Days…

You know those days I’m referring to…when you wake up from a restless slumber to start another day, only to realize that the non productive day is a virtual repeat of sameness…I suppose the ‘woe is me’ malady happens to those of us with the best of intentions. I’ve learned over the years however, that it’s not simply repeating those affirmations like “life throws you lemons, yada yada, yada” that serves to get you through, although they help. It’s taking control of your attitude. Assessing  the situation(s) causing you to feel like you’re on a fast ride to nowhere and make your move… How does one go about doing that? I simply decided NOT to become a victim  to my own sense of hopelessness & lack of self-worth. It also requires ‘action’ by being productive. I began to stimulate my mind by reading old works of Maya Angelou.  focused on my duties at my ‘day’ job. Connected by telephone with friends & family and always wrote in my journal kept at my bedside little tidbits of interests I’d encountered during the day…and I delved into ways to regroup & redirect my financial situation. In other words, I stayed busy with little time left for pity parties!  What caused me to fight back against those days?

Recently, I was in quiet despair because my trusted computer had gone kaput! I am in the process of gearing up to move into a new place & also planning for a short vacation/family reunion out of town in Sept. So all of my energies & monies were focused on those plans when the ball came crashing down…Opps, I hadn’t planned an added expense but, I badly needed my computer to continue this writing journey that is my passion & without my passion, what purpose did I serve?  I was tempted to just shelve it all & ask myself “what’s the use?” …Perhaps writing wasn’t in the cards & I didn’t have what it takes to be the writer I’d imagine myself….I was in a perpetual state of ” funkness” all too willing to give in to those nagging doubts in the process.

Boy, was I feeling low!  I played the pity game for a couple of dark days & man was I bored! I decided to create a stragedy for problem solving in essence to “Rob Peter & pay Paul” as the first come, first served wins out! I’m happy to report that my plans are a go! As I’m back on track with a new computer system. My packing continues to be a work -in-progress and the vacation get-away- reunion plans are two weeks away & counting!

It’s ok  to have those days when it seems nothing goes right & sometimes it won’t. It’s when we take control of our situation/ plan ahead for those unforseen pitfalls… that makes life’s journey sooo darn meaningful…don’t you think?


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